I survived my time in college studied hard and garnered knowledge now the way ahead appears so clear and bright. Then I go buy a quesadilla plus an energy drink from Korea and my bank account says choose one or the other tonight! It’s like watching two airplanes collide I swipe it again but my cards still denied how did I end up the butt of this bad joke. In high school they told me to get a degree if only the old me could be here to see the price of their advice is that I’m broke dramatic splash Who’s to blame for this sticky situation what’s the cause of my financial castration student debt that’s the key first they calculate your EFC then divided by your AGI so many acronyms I just want to die thirty grand I still owe Jesus Christ that’s a whole lot of dough Student debt can’t say when I’ll pay it back but until then forget quesadillas it’s ramen noodles again I applied to a school near the city all my instate options were shitty and I knew I’d make executive someday but my thesis on F. Scott Fitzgerald has my odds of employment imperiled which is why this internship still doesn’t pay working part time full time noon to nine no insurance but I’m sure my teeth will be fine when you’re starving, you don’t care what’s on your plate in high school they made me write essays all day I allowed them to grade me, I wanted an A but grades can’t nix my fixed interest rate student debt too much more gonna disappoint my guarantor so behind I’ll default bring the whole damn thing to a grinding halt fourty grand at six percent how the fuck can I afford my rent student debt don’t know how I’ll pay it back just not now some distant day Sup Going in to work early gonna pay my loans gonna pay my dues gonna sell these yeezys cause who needs shoes gonna sell my couch sell everything sell my grandma’s house to this dude in Beijing sorry gam gam gonna cut some corners gonna make ends meet gonna start up a site to sell picks of my feet shit Steven’s sweaty toes dot com is already taken oh student debt don’t apply cause you’ll curl up in a ball and cry landlords don’t give a damn that this whole place kinda smells like ham I’ll never own my own home at least I can analyze a poem student debt might as well apply for my masters what’s one more disaster when I’m already living in hell LIVING IN HELL! did we pay the electric bill?