Hello everyone. So, tomorrow is a livestream that will likely
reveal a lot of new features coming in Discover University. My other video about this is getting to be
a bit dated as there’s been a new blog and a new gameplay trailer released this week
as well as a couple tweets. I’ve been waiting around on more info to make
this more substantial, and that sort of paid off. First, we do know that you can be a good student
in high school and get a scholarship in the expansion, which will let you go to one of
the two schools while paying less or getting a discount. But, if you’re, say, not a good student but
want to go anyway, it has been further confirmed that student loans are an option. No, you won’t have to bribe anyone to get
into Britechester, but you can indeed get the life sucked out of you. If you work hard in high school, you won’t
have to take out loans, as you can get scholarships for a number of things, including athletic
scholarships and needs-based student aid. But, if you decide to outright finance your
Sim’s education, with student loans comes the need to repay them, so how could the game
punish us for not repaying them eh? Toward the end of the gameplay trailer you’ll
see throughout this video, the Sim says this: “I think they’re gonna take my stuff!” This seems to strongly indicate that the repo
man will be making a comeback in Discover University, and that’s a pretty cool reveal. A Simguru also tweeted something that further
confirms this is not a case of the community jumping the gun so to speak. The gameplay trailer, well, didn’t really
give us any look at the interfaces for grades, loans or anything and seemed more focused
on telling a story that kind of made me cringe inside, Sims: Had the worst roommate. Now we’re besties! *grunts* However, a new blog did come out
alongside this trailer that showed the degrees you can get. It looks like what Britechester and Foxbury
Institute can offer in terms of degrees does overlap, but they differ in the distinguished
degrees they offer. So, if you want a distinguished degree in
computer science or economics, you’d go to Foxbury. If you wanted a distinguished degree in language
and literature, fine art, or history you’d go to Britechester. So, it’s kind of cool if you feel like you
enjoy the Foxbury style more you can still get a degree in history there, or you can
learn about computers at Britechester. This is all right, there are family traditions
around certain schools and things like that, reasons you may want to stick with one over
the other, heck including just the look or the mascot. But I am guessing the distinguished degrees
are kind of like master’s degrees and may offer further benefit if your Sim seeks a
career in a field tied to those. We got a small look at the secret society
in the trailer, but only a brief one and still have no idea what they might offer to Sims. I’m afraid they might do rituals that give
you moodlets but, we’ll see. It’d be cool if once you graduate there’s
a secret handshake or a benefit to being in it. As I said in my news brief video, we know
there will be a robotics skill in this expansion, and that the robots are functional and at
least one model can come home to live with your Sims. Perhaps some kind of robot housekeeper, I’m
guessing. Now, for what some of you may consider to
be bad news, we know that classes are indeed rabbit holes. Now, to me, it doesn’t matter that much if
the classes would end up becoming a grind and get really repetitive, you know? I’m more interested in hearing what the careers
that come with this pack offer. See, there are three new careers – engineering,
education, and law. These are listed on the origin store page. I doubt that they’re anything like Get to
Work and I’m afraid these are also possibly rabbit holes. Maybe they at least got the rewards right
and made progression in these harder or added fun in some way. I’d say we will get clarification on that
Friday. I think it’s just common sense they’ll be
rabbit holes too but I’ll be happy to eat my words, it just seems like if there were
something more to these they’d probably market them to help sell the pack right? Not putting them up front is either a surprise
or in order to not get people over-hyped and then disappointed in another rabbit hole mechanic. So with that in mind, let’s just say, this
pack needs to make actually attending the university really fun in order to be successful,
because it may not have a big impact outside there except when it comes to bikes and the
new careers, and the simpler activities like juice pong and keg stands. There is a good deal this pack will have to
offer in the scholarships, financial aid system, actually attending and the time management,
the school clubs your Sims will be able to get into -debate, art and robotics clubs. It may make the teenager life stage a bit
more fun, pursuing goals and having a reason to in general give a damn about how they’re
doing. Child and teen life stages would’ve already
been hauled off by cps at this point given how neglected they are. I honestly hope there is a bit more to this
pack, that’s not just the fun activities like kicking a soccer ball and that there are reasons
to want to get into the drama or robotics clubs. We just don’t know enough yet. We don’t know much about dorms and the potential
of roommates yet, unless I’ve missed something. And I… I don’t think I have. Someone pointed out on twitter, TheYorkieLad,
that the areas on top in this shot are likely the dorms. So yeah, I’ll be back this weekend to discuss
everything learned in the long livestream – it’s 2 hours long actually and I’ll be condensing
that down for you as I did with others – it’ll be much more on point than this video was,
and I’ll keep you filled in so you can decide if Discover University is right for you. As long as the time management is actually
engaging I’ll probably enjoy it myself, since it’s not going to trash the gameplay and make
everything trivial the way Realm of Magic did, and it is focused more on gameplay than
island living was. So, I’m not always negative about these – go
look at my Moschino review to see what I’m saying. I just definitely have a different opinion
about the difficulty and what’s fun than the last few packs have given me. Anyway, support me on patreon if you like
my coverage of new content and sharing my work with others definitely helps if you can’t,
a lot of people still don’t know I have a channel. Thanks for watching and have a nice day.