Hi folks, my name is Sergei Lemberg. I run the website, stopcollector.com and the law firm of Lemberg & Associates, which specializes in helping consumers deal with debt problems. I wanna talk to you today about student
loan debt collection. Now, millions of young people are graduating
college with thousand and thousands and thousands of dollars in student loan debt. In the last maybe 6 to 10 years, the
Department of Education has hired debt collection companies to collect that
debt. The debt collection companies are
working for the Department of Education. They are calling consumers, they’re
calling co-signers, and they’re collecting this
debt on behalf of the federal government. They get paid 25 cents for
every dollar they collect. What you have to know folks is that when the debt
collectors involved, the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
may protect you from harassment; from abuse; misleading tactics; from a debt
collector lying, cheating, or stealing from you; from a debt collector intimidating
used to pay the debt. So don’t assume that just because it’s a
federal debt, that the loan is a federal student
loan and that it’s not dischargeable in bankruptcy, doesn’t mean you have to take
it on the chain. Doesn’t mean that the young people have to accept the fact
that they get called twenty times a day, that they get harassed or abused or intimidated. If you feel that any of these things are
going on with you in the student loan situation, don’t sit back don’t; don’t take it
on the chin. Give us a call to see if we can help you deal with the student loan
debt collection issues you’re having. We might be able not only to stop the
harassment but also recover money from the debt collector who is harassing you; up to
a thousand bucks under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. So if you have an issue, give us a call!