Hi everyone! I’m Issac and I’m Samantha and we are your student trustees for this school year. As the school year comes to an end, it is time to elect 2 new students trustees for the 2019-2020 school year! Are you interested in advocating for student voice? If so, you should consider running for the position of Student Trustee! So Isaac, what exactly is a Student Trustee? Well Samantha, a student trustee is the official representative of the 72,000 voices of the students making up the OCDSB. Including 26 high schools and 5 alternative sites. I still want to know though, is the student trustee an official member of the OCDSB Board of Trustees? Yes! Any major decisions made by the board must be processed by the OCDSB Board of Trustees. Which is the governing body made up of twelve adults elected by your parents, as well as 2 student trustees. So, Samantha, what are the responsibilities as a student trustee? In terms of being a member of the OCDSB Board of Trustees, student trustees go to weekly board meetings, usually on Tuesday evenings, as well as meet individually with trustees to discuss issues that matter to all of us such as student mental health, equitable access to board resources and overall student well-being and success. What about outside the board? I’ve heard of something called student senate? Your responsibilities also include planning and leading Student Senate. Which is a committee made up of one student from each of the high schools and alternative sites within the OCDSB. As well as involvement on presidents council. So Isaac, are there any responsibilities of a student trustee outside of the OCDSB? Yes! As a student trustee, you will become a part of the Ontario Student Trustees Association, often shortened to “OSTA-AECO.” OSTA-AECO is the official voice to the Ontario government for over 2.2 million students across the province. As a member of OSTA-AECO, you will have the chance to meet and learn from student trustees from across the province at various conferences throughout the year. Is there a process for consultation at the provincial level? Absolutely! OSTA-AECO, frequents consultations across the province in various organizations. Becoming a member of the organization gives you access to multiple platforms that which you can share a voice of the students that you represent. As well, on a District level the OCDSB Student Senate engages in consultations for various board departments. Informing adults in what students actually think. I’ve heard the position of student trustee is “a lot of work.” Can you tell me more about the level of commitment required? It will be a greater responsibility, in contrast to something like student council as you’ll be working outside of your school at a board and provincial level. Be sure that if you want to run for the position of student trustee, you’re fully aware of the time commitment involved in the role. Okay, I’m hooked. Can you tell me how I can go about becoming student trustee? Perhaps give me an idea of what the election process looks like? For sure! So your school’s administration will communicate to you which process they’re going to be using in order to select the student trustee candidate. Which will either be through the nomination or election process. Who should I contact if I want to become my school’s student trustee candidate? If you’re interested in becoming your school’s new trustees candidate, you should talk to your school administration who will let you know the specific process of how to become the candidate at your school. What happens after you become the student trustee candidate at your school? After this, each school’s student trustee candidate will move on to the board-wide elections. Which are scheduled for April 29th at Ridgemont High School. Isaac, is there anything else you want to say about the role? Being a student trustee is a fun, interesting, and impactful experience within the OCDSB community. We hope you learn more about the role of student trustee and we highly encourage that you run for this incredible position. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you might have. Bye for now.