Student trustees play an important role in
the school board. They work at three different levels:
At the board level, often attending board meetings
As executives of the York Region President’s Council
And at the Ontario Student Trustees’ Association representing YRDSB on the provincial level
At the Board, student trustees attend monthly Board meetings and Standing Committee meetings
to represent student voice and give student input on Board matters. At these Board meetings, student trustees
present a monthly report which outlines the different activities and initiatives they
have been a part of for the past month. Student trustees also have the opportunity
to participate in various committee meetings such as the Equity and Inclusivity Advisory
Committee, Special Education Advisory Committee and the Policy and Bylaw Committees where
they provide student input At York Region Presidents’ Council, student
trustees collect the voice and represent the opinions of students across the Board, mainly
through General Assembly meetings that are open to all students. Student Trustees also provide leadership and
professional development opportunities for student leaders and school representatives. They share information about initiatives at
the Board level. And, as executives of the YRPC, they also
help host bi-annual student outreach meetings, which are large-scale general assemblies. The Ontario Student Trustees’ Association
is a gathering of all the student trustees across Ontario. Student trustees meet, share initiatives and
best practices, and collectively work together to help improve the professional development
of student trustees across Ontario. The student trustees work together to develop
the student platform which is a series of recommendations that students would like to
see the Ministry of Education implement in our education system. In addition to working at these three levels,
student trustees also actively work to engage with the student population in the York Region
District School Board through social media and by replying to email correspondence from
students. Learn more about the role of student trustees
at or connect with them through email or social media:
Twitter at YRDSB_students Instagram at YRDSBstudents