Hey guys. For those of you who haven’t seen our awesome videos…i’m Anna Clement and I’m Sam Anderson…and this is our October Student Trustee Update. This past weekend we had the opportunity to go to Toronto for the fall general meeting of the Ontario Student Trustees’ Association. There we launched many initiatives, such as stick it to fast food. Stick it to fast food is an awesome initiative that aims to make fast food uncool for the month of November. It’s a student led, grass-roots initiative where we’re asking students to take a pledge
online to avoid fast food. To take the pledge visit stickittofastfood.org. Today October thirty first was the
deadline for schools to register for the winter sports season. We’re pleased to announce that more
schools registered than the fall term. Thanks to the revised OCDSB volunteer procedure it is now easier than ever for community members to be involved in our schools. So talk to your parents and members of the community and visit the board website for more information. Anna you’re always on your phone I’m on the OCDSB app checking if my bus is delayed. You could too if you downloaded it in the app store by searching OCDSB. That’s all for this update and our question to you is…are you going to be taking the pledge with stick it to boycott fast food? Remember, as student trustees we’re here for you. if you have any questions comments or
concerns feel free to shoot us an email or let us know on facebook or twitter. We hope you had a spooktacular halloween!