Hi there, my name is Sofia Zamorano and I am a Grade 12 student at All Saints Catholic Secondary School. And I’m Annika Dela Torre, a Grade 11 student at Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School, in Ajax. And together, we’re the Durham Catholic District School Board Student Trustees for the 2019-2020 school year. If you’ve never heard of a Student Trustee,
you might be wondering what it is, which is exactly what we are here to answer. We are responsible for voicing the 21,000
students throughout 51 schools in the Durham Catholic District School Board at the board
level. Representing the student voice at Board Meetings,
we engage in the impactful conversations that effect students’ daily lives. Our role is of crucial importance because
it ensures that the student voice is being heard and student-school board communication
in maintained when making any and all decisions. Sofia and I voice the students, in the board
room, at the monthly board meetings as well as other committee meetings. We sit among the Director of Education, the
Chair of the board, the Trustees and the Superintendents. We discuss matters such as Board policy, improving
student well-being, and maintaining equity for all students of the Board. You also may be asking yourself; how do you
manage to represent students from Oshawa to Pickering all at once? Well, that is why we have the Catholic Student
Senate Committee. At the Student Senate, we meet monthly with
Senators, two of some of the brightest students from each of the seven secondary schools in
the Durham Catholic District School Board. The goal of this Committee is to share opinions,
ideas and suggestions from the various schools across the Board to increase student participation
in school decisions. We also discuss issues they see in their respective
schools so that Sofia and I can report them back to the Board to help solve the issue
at hand. We also work on board-wide initiatives that
help improve the quality of our education and celebrate our gifts and talents as students. Last year the Catholic Student
Senate Committee focused on building community throughout our Board as well as celebrating
our faith through the year of Joy. This year, the Catholic Student Senate Committee intend on focusing on our duty as catholic leaders to be stewards of creation and create sustainable schools across our board. Overall, our role as Student Trustee is to
represent the students of the Durham Catholic District School Board. With that being said, Student Trustee elections
will be taking place in February of 2020! If the role of Student Trustee interests you,
we highly recommend you to apply for this unique opportunity to shape the future of
education in the Durham Catholic District School Board. In order to apply, you must complete a Candidacy
declaration form, submit a pastoral reference and a reference from your principal. All forms are to be faxed to Superintendent Mullins’ office no later than Friday, February 7, 2020. If you have any questions please feel free
to contact Annika or myself, through the emails shown below. [email protected]
[email protected] Thank you for your time, and we wish everyone a happy, safe and successful school year.