Hello and welcome we are your student trustees
of the 2018 to 2019 school year. My name is Allen Lu and I’m currently a grade
12 student at Bayview Secondary School. My name is Bill Liu and I’m currently in grade
12 at Richmond Hill High School. So Bill now that we’ve been in a role of student
trustee for quite some time now what would you say the main responsibilities of a student
trustee is. Well I would say there’s three main responsibilities
that we always try to cover, the first is to engage with the Board and come and represent
the students at the Board meetings. Secondly is to engage heavily with the YRPC
or York Region’s President’s Council and thirdly is to engage heavily with OSTA, the Ontario
Student Trustees Association. That sounds like a lot of work, so Bill could
you tell us a little bit more about what our responsibilities are at the Board? Absolutely, at the Board we attend monthly
Board meetings and as well as Standing Committee meetings, at these meetings we represent the
student voice and we are able to give a student input onto matters happening at the Board. Is there anything else that we do at the Board? Yeah for sure at these monthly Board meetings,
at the Board meeting we present the monthly student trustee report which basically outlines
the different activities and initiatives that we as the student trustees have been a part
of in the past month. We also have the opportunity to participate
in the various committee meetings such as the Equity and Inclusivity Committee and the
Policy and Bylaw Committee where we are able to further provide student input on these
committee meetings. So Bill another thing that you mentioned was
the York Region President’s Council could you tell us a little bit more about what we
do there? So at the YRPC we try to collect the voice
and represent the opinions of students across the Board, we do this mainly through our General
Assembly meetings that are open to all students and we provide the leadership and professional
development needed for student leaders. We also come together and engage best practices
and maybe share initiatives as well for what students are doing at the Board. So Bill you also mentioned the Ontario Student
Trustees Association what is that and could you also highlight some of the things that
we do there? At the Ontario Students Trustees Association
it’s an aggregate of all the student trustees across Ontario, we meet together, share initiatives
and best practices and overall collectively work together to help improve the professional
development of student trustees across Ontario. Together the student trustees work together
to develop the student platform which are essentially a series of recommendations that
the students would like to see the Ministry of Education implement into our education
system. That sounds like a lot Allen is there anything
else that we do as student trustees? Yeah actually on top of all those three main
responsibilities we also actively try to engage with the student population in our very own
Board, for example things that we’ve been engaged with include working with the grade
8 students of Oscar Peterson Public School to help promote their campaign for pushing
seat belts on school buses. We try to remain active and respond to all
social media or email correspondence with students and that way we are able to effectively
represent you, the students. I think that just about summarizes the role
of a student trustee. Yeah and on that final note we also wanted
to remind you that if you ever would like to reach out to us we highly recommend that
you do either via email, our student trustee website or on social media such as Twitter
at YRDSB_students. Thank you all so much for watching and we’ll
look to see you next time.