(dramatic music plays) (explosions, sounds of fighting) Gee, thanks for saving the day. Looks like someone will be filing a homeowner’s insurance claim. Yep. Here’s a few tips to help your claim fly through the process. First, contact your insurance agent or company right away to get the claim process started. Next, make a list of your damaged property. Take photos or videos if possible. Don’t throw away your damaged items until an insurance adjuster has had a chance to see them. Make repairs needed to protect your property from further damage, like covering a broken window or putting a tarp on your roof. (sighs) Save your receipts. And try to be there when the adjuster inspects the damage. Walk around with them and make sure they don’t miss anything. Filing a claim doesn’t take special powers. Just call our Consumer Help Line 1-800-252-3439 if you have any questions. Have a super day!