[Music] early stage companies they need to get a company incorporated they may need you to look at a term sheet from one of their seed stage investors they want to know if their IP is protected so there are there are quite simple answers and processes that we can bring to bear to help them with it the reality is they just too expensive and so people go without legal advice and they find themselves much later on getting into themselves and a lot of problems that cost a lot of money to get out all support legal the region’s first law firms specifically dedicated to entrepreneurs and emerging companies we bring the experience from the top law firms and we come in with rather than paying huge amounts of money and we will be by their side essentially on an unlimited basis we’ve gone completely horizontal right down to the bottom where we used flexible working workforce great lawyers ton of those lawyers and we keep our costs low we are already over 100 clients all of them based in the region we are also growing very quickly in Saudi Arabia the new boutique law firms like ourselves are opening up and they’re bringing in technology to allow startups to get access to advice cheaper lower cost and allow them to get started quicker