if you let it go yeah because at that point that’s when I was running out of money you know I’m saying and that’s when my accountant was like dude you just got it out of money and I was like no I’m not I got this house I got this other house for my assistants and you know runners and my producers and stuff so we bought a house out there and we just start going crazy with the money I wouldn’t paint into it because you know I thought if I didn’t have access tomorrow in the council I wouldn’t have to look at it so you know I’m saying it was bad business choices yeah I mean as soon as I drove it off the lot it probably went today he bought a brand new sewage yeah no I put the hole in this driving it fans everywhere when you say you was broke you got like $0 broke I like had to borrow money to get my kids Burger King Wow yeah have to have it what’s the most you’ve had in the bank I want 40 million Jesus Christ how do you have a hairline forty billion dollars to zero yeah and who’s all bad spending no bad investments I wasn’t it was a lot of bad investments a lot of things that didn’t work for 40 minutes what were you invested in real estate real estate yeah you buy retail no but I was letting my manager do it he was way more optimistic than I was so what do you mean optimistic yeah you would just buy complete dumps and think that we can just paint and then never sold anything that we bought even now like none of those areas y’all bought in became after I don’t go we had to let him go and I mean we just had to let everything go you know is there anything of you two held on to would be worth for light now no not at all these terrible neighborhoods where it was like no check on it every now and then crack out it is still a crack house right now people fucking in there right now I guess weird right that’s my worst nightmare forty million dollars is zero my god yeah but you know you get back up and you learn no you took it down to Miami we got on the track hundred eighty three is what I hit after that I got super afraid so I stopped very hard to stop anything I was gonna be able to get two million dollars more or less up to be another car you know I’m saying and then still be able to live it’s pretty it’s pretty much an accomplishment for me I came about acquiring this monster car I kind of went overboard because it really fits everything is so diseased man we put air-ride suspension on it custom rims got the monster em on the rims like we really went overboard on this thing but it happened I remember I was being hungry because I’m still hungry you know I’m saying I never lost that never lost that hunger I’m still fighting for the time I’m still I still want everything that I wanted since I started the most rewarding thing about what I do is being able to not have my kids go through all that crap that I went through I don’t want my kids