Many people ask the question “what happens
when you hire a bankruptcy attorney?” They want to know how it benefits them…. what
the attorney can do for them… and what their options are. Hi, I’m David Candler Hicks of Alliance
Legal Group. We’re a Florida law firm that focuses on helping clients facing bankruptcy.
Almost everyday a client will ask us what will happen once they’ve retained us to
represent them in their case. So, let’s look at the benefits of having an attorney
guide you through your fresh start. Often, people come to the decision to file
bankruptcy when their financial situation has deteriorated past the breaking point.
In many cases, they are facing an emergency, like having a house or car taken away or they’re
being sued. Filing a bankruptcy will stop these actions in their tracks. Once a bankruptcy
is filed the bankruptcy court issues an automatic stay that stops almost all collection action
immediately. Another thing an attorney can help you with
is discharging most or all of your unsecured debt via Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Unsecured debts
include things like credit cards and personal loans that did not require you to offer any
collateral like a car or house to secure the loan. In many cases, these debts can be completely
wiped out in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This allows you to get a fresh start. Bankruptcy attorneys may possibly help you
get your mortgage payments down to a more affordable level. This can be accomplished
through either a restructuring of your debts, or in some cases, through a loan modification. Obviously, these are just a couple of the
examples of how we might be able you. At Alliance Legal Group, we help clients find options
to improve their financial affairs. We offer a free no obligation consultation. I’m David
Candler Hicks; have an great day!