last night I received some messages
about Taylor Nicole Dean’s Instagram stories where she discusses
kind of trying to manage her life a little bit more and find balance between
her regular life and her social media life but she also
discussed suboxone withdrawal and some people asked me to dive into that
subject so that’s exactly what we’re gonna do in this video what is up
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see what we can learn from them and addiction is something that I’m very
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description below alright so yeah Taylor Nicole Dean I believe last time I
checked she celebrated 4 months sober and yeah she came back and she made a
video not that long ago showing her her story about how she became addicted to
opioids and it was it was a powerful powerful story and now she really wants
to use her voice to try to help others out there but she posted some stuff on
Instagram yesterday and we’re gonna talk about it so before I dive into that
those of you who don’t know me hi I’m Chris
I’m a recovering alcoholic as well as a drug addict much like Taylor Nicole Dean
my drug of choice was opioids I got clean June 23rd 2012 so I’ve been clean
a little over seven years I’m a certified life coach I worked in a
drug and alcohol treatment center for a little over three years and we did
everything from medical detox to inpatient to outpatient and aftercare
and I’m currently pursuing my CADC which is a certified palcohol and drug
counselor license all right so anyways let’s dive into what Taylor Nicole Dean
said in her stories yesterday so yesterday she posted this in her stories
it says hi all I’ve been taking a break from social media after I noticed I’m
beginning to become too invested in my online presence compared to everything
else in my life it began to be unbalanced and kind of
crumbled after a dramatic and stressful day online which I then stayed out for
around 35 hours and forgot to take my meds so long I went into severe
withdrawals my outpatient program got very concerned for me that day and we
decided that I need to rebalance my priorities and move social media back
down to the less importance it belongs with and sorry I don’t have the other
one I thought I screenshotted it but I didn’t and now it’s gone yeah but here’s
something else that she just posted right after this a screenshot from a
Twitter says gonna do a video that talks about the basics of the illness of
addiction and how it all works for the few I discovered tonight that are still
confused on how the illness is different than just becoming physically dependent
on something I encourage you all to watch it with open minds I almost got
angry at the few profiles I found tonight that were focused on attacking
me but then remembered I’ve yet to do a single video on how it all works in the
brain I’m also gonna work really hard on it for everyone who’s been so
open-minded and kind towards my journey all right so a few things from that like
before we dive into the suboxone topic and withdrawal like this is so dope like
Taylor Nicole Dean as somebody you know who got clean and sober she’s sharing
her experience and she’s also sharing what she learned I really admire that in
people because the thing not everybody can go to
treatment all right and not everybody can gain that knowledge for example me
when I got sober I had no money no health insurance nothing I didn’t get to
go to a rehab and actually learn about addiction all right I had to go do that
on my own so it’s awesome that Taylor Nicole Dean
is going to make some videos discussing what she learned in treatment about the
science of addiction and relay that information like that’s really really
cool because like I said so many people don’t have the opportunity to go to
rehab like 12-step programs are free and
awesome but like for example like the the big book of AAA that was written in
the 1930s and although there is a chapter and they’re called the doctor’s
opinion like that is old doctor’s opinion you know from the 30s and stuff
like that there’s actually a lot of science out there today the other thing
I want to talk about is Taylor Nicole Dean recognizing as well as people in
her life like her outpatient program and I’m sure members of her support group
noticing that imbalance and yeah like from my experience that first year of
recovery is so hard I’ve been meaning to make a video about it but my second year
of recovery was actually like three times harder than my first one but yeah
we need people in our lives who can help point out like yo I’m noticing an
imbalance because I remember when I first got sober somebody said I think at
a meeting somewhere they said recovery is all about balance and I was like yes
because those of us with an addiction like we go to extremes right we don’t
just have one drink we have all the drinks we don’t just have one drug we
have all the drugs but this goes into other aspects of our lives and sometimes
when we get sober from my experience as well as those I’ve worked with we can
become addicted to something else whether it’s relationships or whether
it’s our work or whether it’s social media or whatever it is and we need to
step back and say okay why why are things becoming difficult again right
like we get clean we get sober to have this awesome amazing life and what
things start getting all out of whack it’s like okay what is happening because
a lot of us and even those who aren’t in recovery and have never struggled with
addiction a lot of us have this kind of delusion
that the drugs or the alcohol or the problem right one of the biggest things
that I learned in early recovery was if you take the alcohol and drugs away from
me my life can still become a hot mess
because I can become addicted to anything so it’s awesome that Taylor
Nicole Dean is sharing about this experience and having that clarity all
right so Taylor talks about how she stayed up
and she forgot to take her meds and she went into withdrawal so Taylor coming
off of opioids she’s being on suboxone maintenance she’s shared about this
before alright so those of you don’t know let’s talk real quick what is
suboxone okay this is a medication typically used for opioid addicts when
they are getting off of opioids basically what suboxone does is it
tricks the brain into thinking that you’re still using the drug all right
opioid withdrawal is absolutely brutal alright so thank God for medications
like suboxone so these they could be taken short-term
or long-term depending on your personal preference as well as your doctor all
right so like Taylor Nicole Dean that you went to a rehab but even if you
don’t go to a rehab there are many addiction specialists out there who you
can see like kind of in an outpatient format and detox that way and discuss
with them the options of short-term versus long-term I’m gonna show my
opinions in a little bit but anyways I’m like Taylor Nicole Dean I didn’t take
suboxone and listen I’m not saying that to brag okay here’s the story behind
that when I got sober my mom she was a clinical director at a rehab and there
was a doctor there too and this doctor was a dick but he saved my life though
but anyways when he evaluated me to see if I needed to be on suboxone or
anything for withdrawal I didn’t know I was so ignorant about all this stuff I
didn’t know that I was gonna withdrawal like I was so I lied to this dude I lied
to this dude about how much I was like yeah I just like snort a lortab here or
there but i was like snorting like 100 milligram morphine pills
other stuff right like it was way worse but like for some reason I lied to this
guy so he’s like okay your withdrawal shouldn’t be too bad right and within a
matter of a day or two once the opioids started leaving my
system I went into a wicked withdrawal I was in a sober living house and I was
just in bed and I made a video about what opioid withdrawal is like from my
experience and it was just awful just aches and pains and cold sweats and
shakes and stuff coming out of both fans and it is not good and I called the
doctor back and I was like I was like how I was lied to boxing because like
everybody else in my sober living house like they were tapering off suboxone for
the withdrawal and the doctor pretty much said to me is like up too bad you
lied click so I had to do a cold turkey opioid detox but like I said like if I
was given the option for suboxone I would have taken it now again short-term
suboxone verse long-term suboxone so some of my closest friends in the sober
living house and they’re actually still sober today so we all have you know over
seven years now they they were on suboxone maintenance
for like a long time so to put it in perspective at the treatment center I
was working at when people with detox off suboxone we would do pretty much one
to two weeks max unless the doctor felt it was necessary to keep him on longer
like there were different conditions like for example I remember a one young
woman who was pregnant right and they had to keep her on suboxone you know to
help protect the baby because you know when your body goes Sade’s through
anything it affects the baby to pay anyways so my friends they were on
suboxone long term kind of like Taylor Nicole Dean is and they they finally
wanted to get off with her on it for months now the thing is about suboxone
even though it it helps with opioid withdrawals when you get off of suboxone
there are withdrawals as well so I remember watching my buddies like they
it felt like they just prolonged that withdrawal right for like I think it was
like four or five or six months and anybody
out there who’s trying to get off suboxone I’ll tell you this these two
they started eating healthy and things like that they also started doing yoga
every day and they said it helped a time all right so there’s a lot of holistic
ways to help you get off of suboxone so like when I saw what they were going
through I was like wow because my withdrawal pretty much only lasted a
week week and a half I think like it was like this like you know terrible awful
experience that I never want to go through again but I got it out of the
way in the beginning you know what I mean and something that keeps me sober
is I never want to go through that again right so Taylor Nicole Dean you know
when she talks about this kind of imbalance that happened in her life when
she forgot to take her suboxone her body started going into withdrawal so like I
said you know there’s long term and they’re short-term there’s pros and cons
to both in case you didn’t hear my qualifications earlier none of them
listed that I’m a doctor so if you are thinking about getting clean or if
you’re on suboxone never quit by yourself or anything like that like go
talk to a doctor all right have them help you taper off if you’re
trying to get clean talk to them about the options between short term and long
term like one of the reasons I make these videos is I have met countless
people okay and this isn’t to say that all doctors are bad but I’ve met
countless people where they were not warned that long-term suboxone
maintenance would lead to dependence and withdrawal all right so with anything
like I don’t care if you’re an addict or not an addict when you go see a doctor
ask questions like I’m a recovering addict so whenever I see a doctor
especially a new doctor I have to sit there and ask them about medications the
different side effects I have to say are these you know narcotics or any of these
you know potentially addictive because I can’t take any of those and all those
kind of things so like whenever you sit down with the doctor like it is you’re
right I think it’s also your responsibility as a patient to sit there
and say what am I taking what are the side effects is there withdrawal that’s
at the top all these other things so you can work with your doctor and make the
best choice possible all right and if you think this video might help someone
you know who struggling with addiction please share
with them but again I do just want to say once again like Taylor Nicole Dean I
am really really proud of her journey and I look forward to seeing her her
videos and I’m glad that she’s using her platform to help teach and educate
others and I’m sure she’s inspired countless people from her audience to go
out and seek help and that is just so awesome because the opioid epidemic the
addiction epidemic as a whole is just massive in the United States as well as
other parts of the country right now all right anyways that’s all I got for this
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