Lakshmi Puja Practice – Come Out of Money Debts Next question we have is from Ottawa center , Cananda Questioner is asking…We have a lot of debts and it is very frustrating How can we reduct debt this year? Very practical question. Many people are suffering and struggling with it I tell you. Please understand. Many of you maybe having this issue Listen Listen very carefully I am not going to give you any mystical solution Don’t even think the solution I am giving is mystical. Its very practical. I tell you. Debt I am defining. Debt is nothing but the man’s lifestyle of never looking into his money Listen You have so much of incompletion pain the moment you remember about money you never look into your accounts What comes, what goes till whole thing collapses Let me ask a very bold question All of you are here to know about the secrets of attracting wealth How many of you have so much pain the moment you remember about wealth And you never look into your balance sheet Raise your hand True He himself (questioner) is raising his hand I am telling you I am telling you The pain you have about wealth The moment you remember the wealth The pain and impossibility you carry Need to be completed Then you will never be afraid of looking at your balance sheet Fear of looking at your balance sheet Lets it rot Listen I am using very strong words Fear of looking at your balance sheet lets it rot Yesterday I said, very boldly I don’t touch money I am telling you I don’t touch money other than for giving dhana But I don’t sleep, I don’t put my head to rest unless I see the balance sheet of the whole sangha every night I can tell you How many tumblers, glasses we have in any of my adheenams (centers) From my memory Not pride Because I do not have any pain with it Because I have no pain to look into it All of you are very happy to count the currency But nobody wants to look into the balance sheet This is one of the very important mental pain pattern you need to break I tell you (to questioner) I commit with you just break this pattern today with completion And decide, every night you will sleep after seeing your bank balance Your balance sheet I commit with you, you will get out of debts within one year And I am responsible for this word Do it like a religious action Do it like a religious duty Every night see your balance sheet and go to bed Anybody who has this problem of lot of debts I give you this as a religious technique And I am responsible for completing your debts and getting you out of it in one year Understand When I say this Its a technique and I will also use my extraordinary powers to support you Both Teachings are not always just teachings It is to support you to get out of powerlessness When you start following the teachings There will be naturally extraordinary things happening because We don’t use in Hindu tradition words only to give concepts We also use the words to give energy So I give you this as a concept and energy Take this as a religious responsibility My guru has instructed me Every night balance sheet Movable assets I have Immovable assets I have Debts I have Loans I need to pay And the precious metal I have because we Indians, precious metal is one of the important part of our life Whatever See once And this is the net worth And sleep Do this as a religious duty Do this like a meditation You can call this as lakshmi puja Every night few minutes I tell you Your cognition Your cognition When it does not fall on something That becomes blind spot Even after that becomes blind spot If you don’t attend, that becomes cancerous All the cancers of your life See a broken relationship is cancer in the relationship field A debt is a cancer in the wealth field It is only blind spots becomes cancer Do this as your religious duty Take this as a initiation from me And you don’t try to justify Oh it is a good technique Swamiji gave If I do, my mind will change then I will really get out You don’t try to build on it because finally end of the day After all it is a technique I have tried so many techniques and let me dump it You usually dump all the techniques into dustbin That is why I am saying Take it as Lakshmi Puja Maybe you can do it like Have small picture of me And say that because you told I am doing And after one year I will hold you responsible You can hold me responsible I am giving you the commitment Every night do this as a religious duty and technique Religious duty not even as technique because techniques you dump into dustbin within 10 days You go to every road and learn different different techniques and dump them into different different road dustbins Bangalore being a spiritual capital go to every road, you will get one kriya, one technique, one method No…. In Karnataka, every street has one jagat guru That is good actually, not bad That is good Better to have one jagat guru in every street than the don in every street come on. Its very good Nothing wrong and being a spiritual capital of India All techniques you dump into dustbin I am not giving this even as a technique I am giving this as a religious instruction Puja you never stop, I have always seen people doing it In my experience, I tell you As long as I was teaching as a meditation technique, kriya the practice ratio was only twenty percent When I added puja into it Do this pranayam, this kriya and then complete this puja When this becomes part of puja The practicing ratio is more than ninety percent So I am giving you this instruction as Lakshmi Puja Do it The practicing ratio Is drastically high when it becomes a religious instruction So practice it You will see you will be out of debt this year