(crunching grass)Sedra (Narration, Arabic):
We’re all going to grow up.
But childhood is…the biggest part of life
that can’t ever be wiped
from our memories.Teacher: Switch sides if
you sing in the shower.
(laughter)Switch sides if you have four
or more brothers and sisters.
Switch sides if you have
spent a night in the hospital.
(conversation in background)Sedra: I didn’t expect
to be in Saint John’s.
I didn’t even imagine.Sedra: Yeah..Is it
good uh sentence? Teacher: It’s a good,
yea, it’s perfect.Sedra: I was so worried
about my English,
if they gonna accept me
because of my hijab or not.
I was really scared.(Arabic call to prayer) Mouna: Pass me the water jug. Mohamed: Did you do your test? Was it good? Sedra (Arabic): No, it got
postponed. Thank God! Mohamed: Yes, thank god.Sedra: My dad has
done three surgeries,
my grandmother has Alzheimer,my mother has PTSD.My dad is carrying
so much of pressure,
nobody could feel it.He’s trying to
give me everything.
Mohamed: My life in Syriawas a very happy life.I was a mayorand we had safety and
security everywhere.
We saw armed men.They took my house.They took my office.They burned…I feared for my
children’s safety.
So, we fled to Egypt.We found the UN there and
registered with them.
Mohamed: I told them
about my other kids.
They’re here too.They said OK they’ll follow
you to Canada after 15 days.
Sedra: But fifteen days,
like, went, a year,
a second year.To left people behind
you, this is too hard.
Mohamed: That’s
egg and yogurt.My healthis declining.I’m 63 years old.I got very sick.
I had to do surgery,
and my mom is disabled,and my wife is sick.My momshe needs someone who can
lift her and care for her,
and I’m not allowed
to lift anything.
Who is going to help?I can’t work,I can’texert a lot of effort.Sedra: We are barely
holding it together.
I’m trying to make
him feel not pressure.
But I can’t, and he’s
suffering of all this stuff.
It makes me feel broken.Sedra: After more rest and
no concussion symptoms Sedra: First step, back …
go back to school first, and line up an
aerobic activities, five to ten minutes,
on an exercise bike. Modeter…Moderate activity.Sedra: It’s really hard
to be different country
who doesn’t speak
your language.
Who doesn’t have
the same culture.
I’m trying to be
everything for my family.
I’m trying to be
everything for myself.
There is a lot of pressure
to learn English very well.
I feel that if I didn’t
succeed, here,
we don’t have anything
else; they are here for me,
they are here because
I am their hope.
With everything around me
here, but I am still alone.
I can’t find myself.Mohamed: She didn’t
have a childhood.
Sedra livedalone.Sedra lived with her shadow.Talking to her shadow,and her shadow answers her backeven though shadows don’t talk,because of the magnitude of her
sadness, her shadow talked.She justneeds people
to stand by her.
(birds chirping)Sedra: How are
you feeling today?
Hopefully better?Mohamed: If you
talk to the doctor tell her I have a strong
sour aftertaste in my mouth and I can’t digest any food. Sedra: Ok I’ll call her ASAP. Inshallah
(God willing) Mohamed: Thank you.
God bless you my darling. Sedra: Did you take
your medications today? Mohamed: Yeah, I did, I took from this one.Sedra: Do you take half
a capsule for this one?
Mohamed: Yeah, this
one is half a capsule. Sedra: I’m praying that
you get better dad.Sedra: I worry about
my dad’s health.
Even if, not a lot
of people beside me,
he’s never leave me alone.(inaudible conversations
in background and music) Mohamed: Good. Good. Good. Very good. Sedra: If you spill the
coffee it won’t be very good. (Sedra laughing) Mouna: The coffee was dancing.Mohamed: I woke up at 4 am.There was this dryness,from my mouth all the
way down to my stomach.
I started feeling shooting
pain in my stomach.
The pain kept getting worse, I didn’t want to wake Sedra up. I didn’t want to scare her.Sedra (Narration): Suddenly, I
woke up at my father’s voice,
and I feel this time, like uh“Sedra, I can’t, I can’t do,
what I can do…”
Mohamed: I forgot my painbecause of the look in
my daughter’s eyes.It was terrifying.
She looked like a ghost.
Because this was
happening to me. Her dad.
And because she’s alone here.She has no oneto support her, to help her, to stand by her.Sedra: Where is my sibling,
where is the people
who, who were always
around me,
who were always supporting me,
where are they?
Mohamed: She
called the police.
She called the
hospital, the doctor.
She was so strong and brave.She didn’t give up. She didn’t
let it get her down.
Seeing her so strong, was
what helped lessen the pain.
(background school chatter)Teacher: You’re wise,
and you’re thoughtful,
and you’re intelligent, not
just for learning the language, but for socially,
just helping others, and encouraging
others, in, in this, what starts as such
a strange environment. And I just see a lot of
opportunity in your future. Like, I want to meet up with
you, Sedra, in 10 years. Sedra: I want to
hug you, seriously!!Sedra: This year, my looking
to the life changed.
I became more confident,
I said to myself,
“Sedra, if you didn’t helped
yourself, who gonna help you,
who gonna be your support?”At the point I felt that I’ll
fell down, I standed up.
I can’t learn if I
didn’t make mistakes.
Friend: Two? Sedra: Three! Friend: Three. Oh my god! (laughing)Sedra: And it took me
a year and a half
to build this confidence
I have right now.
Sedra to Friend: They just fly
without anything. One, two, three (laughter)Sedra: My biggest
goal in this life,
to make people happy.And giving support to them,
giving how to make them
feeling confident.I do have a hope.Mohamed: Sedra is not a child.
She is wise beyond her years.
Sedra: They keep telling me
that I am our hope. But I swear you’re my hope. You’ve given me so much. You are
the person I work hard for to try and give you
even a kernel of what you have given me. Mohamed: I just want you to work
hard and invest in your life. Don’t take this
life for granted. Sedra: They’re
gonna say I’m so… Mohamed: What? Sedra: They’re gonna
say I’m so awkward!Sedra: Whatever he is,
even the mayor or, my dad,
my friend, he’s still the
hero till the rest of my life.
(slow dramatic music) ♪ ♪ (slow dramatic music) ♪