Allianz Real Estate France is the real estate management entity of Allianz Group Our mission is to maximize the return of invesments of our assets under management We have now $11 BN portfolio under management To track the details of our investments , we need accurate reporting to share with Allianz Group stakeholders : customers , investors , and the german headquarter The aim for the entity is to define in how much time the assets under management can reach the yield level promised to investors according to their acquisition costs Before using a new Data Platform, few features ! We were looking for a unique consolidation tool , able to access quickly to key information , and to build reporting as complete as possible, as fast as possible Most of the information were used in a decentralized manner with office tools The goal was to rationalize all these information in one place to provide a reliable and a common source of qualified data The expected solution had to offer a more ergonomic way to explore data, with rich and fast reporting capacities , and export features to exchange information with external systems Microsoft SQL Server 2014 has major features to help us on building our solution with its high-performance capabilities Our solution use Hekaton to boost performance with “In-Memory” technology to ensure that all the connected investors, or stakeholders, will get the answers expected in the minimum time The quality level expected by Allianz has been reached with the Time Is Life knowledge embedded in our solution , we customized it from all specific need expressed then we connect it with all the information required The setup of our solution has been coordinated with only 2 team members : 1 project manager and 1 SQL SERVER Database Administrator The timeline was extremely short because we had to change the legacy system from 2013 Q2 and the deadline expected by the Group was 2013 Q3 The Allianz users can now deliver the expected reports on time before the previous EXCEL spreadsheets We are more flexible to manipulate data and we have more visibility because all key information are reliable in one place Henceforth , the entity is able to deliver monthly report with more than 100 KPIs instead of quaterly reports Until 2 hours before the global closing delivery in the productive environment, our solution is able to load all the information available at Allianz to produce the expected reportings The reporting generation time has been divided by 4 Our customers never stop asking for more and more various reportings , they have to be adapted in order to follow the Group directives The flexibility of STIL, with SQL SERVER 2014 performance, ease this exercise The next step for the story ? Allianz will reach the Solvency II compliance , the new regulation for insurance companies With our solution , Allianz will be ready for the Solvency II deadline ! We can’t do everything that we would today but we wish to do more for tomorrow at the France level , with more and more reporting needs expressed by Asset Managers We are ready to go further with STILsolution and SQL Server 2014