It was a sad way to watch a tree die. A sad day to receive a text message, that
the whole forest, would be gone. If only texting could change things, I thought
to myself. If only a message could do something. Grow something. Something that would give life, instead of
take it away. Suddenly, I saw a seed. At first, it was small. Infantile. But as the days walked by it pierced through
the soil, absorbed the light coated rain and ripened underneath the suns warming light. I watched the tree tremble and turn as its
base thickened. Higher and higher it traveled into the sky,
as messages fed its roots and gave it life. The text flourished and another seed was planted. Another grew. And another. Then, another. And after the moon had faded and gone, shaking
in the wind, hanging by the young trees branches… a piece of fruit held strong. Taken from the tree by human hands and dispersed
among the many, this fruit gave meaning. It sparked a new hope. The seed not only grew a tree that would restore
the atmosphere; it produced sustainable life. And as the messages grew, more fruit bloomed
from the branches. Farmers appeared and trained the villagers. The trees multiplied. And the once impoverished people became a
community, rooting deep into the soil. For every ONE tree texting saved, TEN were
planted in its place. Fruit bearing trees of all kinds. Born to grow through the hardships that would
limit life. So as the messages reached higher, the people
extended their roots. They broadened their branches. They became what they were not. A forest that would not be ripped from the
surface. It was when I found IRIO… and discovered “Ten for One” … that I realized this vision… was true. It’s all real! Texting… really does change things