on this week’s news episode we’re going
to be covering tesla going bankrupt Tesla’s new charges and does charging
your car costs more than fuel so the big news at the moment is everyone thinks
the tesla is going bankrupt the BBC did an article on it a couple of all places
done an article on it and it’s there’s a lot of misinformation and Mis talk about
Tesla at the moment and the big one that’s flying around at the moment is
tesla are spending an obscene amount of money they’re $6500 per minute which isn’t a lot in my mind because
they employ over 37,000 employees they have huge factories which must consume
huge amounts of power we’re not even talking would just just on power alone
staff wages and buying in the raw cost materials is huge that’s spending that’s
not the profit that’s what they’re spending so that doesn’t seem a lot
most large companies will spend that much at the moment
Tesla share price is pretty much the equivalent share price put cost for the
company to General Motors which is the America’s biggest automotive company
which is currently backed by the US taxpayer Tesla isn’t Tesla is basically
back mainly by Elon Musk and other investors the biggest loss for Tesla if
they went bust would be Elon Musk he’s invested a lot of free time a lot of his
own money and it would be the biggest embarrassment and letdown for him
possibly he’s never going to let it happen he certainly won’t have made a
joke in April for saying that they have gone bankrupt if he thought there was
even the smallest possibility would happen to me I’d be more concerned if
Tesla weren’t spending vasas amount of money because that would that would
indicate that they weren’t trying to grow the more money a company spends and
the more sustained all that money spending is the more they’re growing the
more the company grows the higher the profit goes which is why
just on tesla’s latest figures that just came out I think that the revenue
increased 26% their revenues now $3.4 billion that spending vast amount of
money but their revenues increasing year on year on year on every year it has a
massive jump of what their increases now just to bring it back a bit Apple who
are a technology company they also almost went Bankwupt and lose a lot of
information about them going bankrupt and all what happened was at the time
Steve Jobs gave he’s not so friendly friend Bill Gates a call asked him for
some money and now Apple is one of the most richest successful tech companies
in the world and has more money in their bank than anybody they are in a growth
stage a huge growth stage if Tesla stopped growing you wouldn’t see any new
supercharger stations any new product invitations of them that they are such a
new car company compared to everybody else now last week I did a video on the
Jaguar IPACE Jaguar are a hundred-year-old company Tesla is 10, 10
years it’s been going 10 years that’s it their very first car was it’s 10 years
old it’s such a new company it’s a baby compared to General Motors and all the
other companies tesla that everything Tesla does is new it’s like a baby
walking it starts off very very slow and then eventually they end up being more
intelligent than you now Elon Musk gave it a nice little quote the other day which
was if people are concerned about the volatility of our stock they definitely
shouldn’t buy our stock which basically means volatility stocks usually go up
and down and they usually bounce a lot higher so in other words Elon Musk is
saying if you’re worried just don’t buy the stock and don’t buy their cars now
it’s a bit concerning that all the newspapers and people who are dismissing
the Tesla that people are basically saying the Tesla is going to go bust
we’re all people that receive money from oil companies and other car
manufacturers because obviously as we all know Tesla doesn’t advertise
doesn’t advertise at all doesn’t need to advertise it sells too many cars it
can’t even produce the amount it needs to produce now an interesting little
fact for you the model 3 is has more profit in it per unit than the Chevrolet
volt so they make more money out of the car for the cost and that says to me a
lot of things that if Tesla that basically wanted to make profit they
just stop R&D and they make money from the cars they already make
it’s very simple but Tesla they don’t want to do that they want to increase
their order numbers they’re increasing it in they’re investing money into this
research and development and more infrastructure then the profits and
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I release a new video on this channel now the other rubbish in the news this
week was this money and what car published an article saying charging
your electric car will cost £17 compared to home basically going on that
there’s a charging monopoly now that could happen we’ll get on that we’ll get
into that a bit later that let’s first of all look at the article and the
article said that if you park your car at source for London 7 kilowatt charger
and charge the car to 80% on a ZE40 40 kilowatt battery that would
cost 17 pound 46 pence what they forgot to mention is in that 17 pound forty six
pence the 7 kilowatt charger would take more is it 7 there’d be six hours about
6 hours to charge the car so who sits in the car part for 6 hours to charge the
car and then second of all They also forgot to mention but that includes the parking
charge for that car park so in that 17 if you park there without an electric
car you’re paying a parking charge when park there with an electric car you pay
a little bit more but in that you’re parking charge is included in your
charge rate and they didn’t mention that the article was all about grabbing the
headlines £17 for charge compared to only £3.45 at home it
it was basically a rubbish article it’s a rubbish article trying to discredit
electric cars and saying it costs more to charge than they actually do complete
rubbish you’re never going to sit in the car park for that many hours and also if
it’s if that ever you have to pay for parking you have to pay to park anyways
so you may as well pay charge the other part of the article was polar plus they
said that pole plus cost 10 pounds 60 pence
however they included the polar Plus subscription charge and also the show
that the low you get a lower rate on the 50 kilowatt charger but if you’re on
polar plus you don’t just subscribe once you subscribe and you use the
charges several times in a month so the average cost is lowered but they’re
comparing the the subscription to a one-off subscription you’re paying up
the subscription you’re only using that charge at once you can’t compare a
subscription model to charging months it’s going to be used multiple times in
which case you you just compared to the polar instant which they just show a
price for to be fair but they didn’t really explain the plus if for someone
who doesn’t drive an electric car doesn’t understand them they’ll just see
the figure and go that’s terrible that’s expensive which is not the other thing
they did was they had cyc which if you have a polar plus account or you you
basically you pay the subscription same as polar plus and you get to use a cyc
what they showed him the cyc was if you’re paying the subscription you also
pay the connection charge you don’t all you pay is the polar plus charge and yet
I think on some of them it’s all-you-can-eat so basically he’s much
charge as you can fit in and then on the higher ones they do charge you a small
sort of kilowatt charge but they didn’t mention that they basically said that
you pay a connection charge and the subscription fee which is wrong so
basically the whole article was a load of rubbish none of it was correct yet
they kind of had the big headline now it could be true in the future that a
couple of charge companies could run the monopoly on ranking up the charge cost
Shell BP as they move away from petrol diesel and moving towards the electric
car industry they’re probably going to want to start making
the charge points and the same kind of money they make out of oil so this will
eventually happen however unlike a petrol car and a diesel car you can
still charge at home the only problem where this is going to get to certain
people is people who can’t charge at home people who can’t park at home will
have to pay these higher tariffs and that’s where these electricity companies
will make money and make money yes they will unfortunately it’s going to happen
like anything the government will eventually add tax or electric cars and
they will eventually start wanting some of the money back that they’ve lost
through petrol and diesel and revenue but they’re going to lose a lot of
revenue and it’s going to be made up eventually with tax however at the
moment you can get a four and a half thousand pound grant on a new car you
don’t pay the same cost for running it and they’re also 90 cent of 90 percent
efficient compared to 60% efficient of the best petrol and diesel cars so what
I say is make hay while the Sun shines get electric car now before everyone
starts getting them and then the tax starts getting it introduced but by that
point everyone will be on them anyway so you’ll have no choice but it’s going to
have to fill the hole eventually and the short term goal to fill that hole will
be charging petrol and diesel owners more money until the take-up of electric
cars has got higher so if you haven’t got electric car already you might as
well go and buy one now make hay while the Sunshine’s and save that money
short-term so this last story links slightly into the first story and which
is Tesla and now installing their mega charges for the trucks and they’re
developing these mega charges with the biggest orders and the people who’ve
made the biggest dollars our ups and Pepsi now to order the Tesla mega truck
you have to put down and substantial deposits so Pepsi and ups have put down
substantial deposits to order the new tests the mega truck we should let you
know that these major corporations would not want Tesla to fail if they’re
willing to order these trucks that are still very much in the prototype stage
the other part is Tesla are working with Pepsi and UPS to develop these mega
charges because most these mega charges will be installed at you
UPS’s and Pepsi’s distribution centres so they need to work out how to develop
deliver the power how to you know position them for the trucks and the
loading bays and the best way to work towards making these work is working
with the people that are actually going to have them because they’ve got the
knowledge of the distribution where things fit and also Pepsi and also UPS
will have some sort of technologies in mind that they might want implementing
into these mega mega charging stations and also into the trucks so it’s a good
sign that Tesla is willing to work with other partners to help develop their
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