The Consumer Bankruptcy Clinic is a
program where students come to help pro se debtors. So those are folks who have to file a bankruptcy and they don’t have an attorney helping them. We prepare
them for their creditors’ meeting and essentially the entire process just to
make sure that we help them succeed and get that discharge. Working at the clinic
has really helped prepare me for lessons that I haven’t learned in the classroom,
like how to deal with client emotions. I’ve had the full-spectrum, I guess
you could say, from a client coming in and being elated and so happy with me
and breaking down in tears because he got his discharge to clients being
really unhappy when they walk into the clinic. And you learn how to deal with
them, too. This clinic helped prepare me to be an attorney for others because it
taught me that social justice isn’t just for the rich. It’s also for the poor. And
that everyone deserves the right to have their day in court.