If you think you know the “Wolf Pack” of the
hit reality show Alaskan Bush People, you still may be surprised by parts of their pre-fame
past. Here are some things you probably didn’t know
about members of the Brown family. Although he may be roughing it in the wilderness
now, Billy Brown was actually born into an upper-middle class family in Texas. According to the Discovery Channel, tragedy
struck in 1969 when his parents and only sibling were killed in a plane crash, leaving a 16-year-old
Billy orphaned and destitute. After Brown met his second wife, Ami, they
decided to move to Alaska to raise their children. Billy worked as a commercial fisherman in
the North Pacific and considers himself something of an expert outdoorsman. His experiences were reportedly the inspiration
for his book One Wave at a Time. Billy eventually led his family out of Alaska
in pursuit of fame. After about four years of persistence, the
Browns got their big break. According to Capital City Weekly, the brood
returned to Alaska to film a documentary that would eventually become Alaskan Bush People. Billy Brown’s wife Ami has a past that’s a
bit more complicated than Alaskan Bush People lets on. According to Radar Online, a marriage certificate
indicated she was only 15 years old when she married a 26-year-old Billy. “Remember I told you we’ll move to Alaska
and I’ll build you a cabin in the woods and we’ll live happily ever after?” “I do, it seems so long ago.” Despite her family’s reality TV fame, Ami
has still managed to preserve some degree of privacy, particularly when it concerns
her life prior to the show. However, she found herself at the center of
a slew of headlines in 2017, when she was diagnosed with advanced lung cancer and given
a three percent chance of survival. According to People, fans of the show accused
her of faking the diagnosis for reality TV, and the backlash eventually became so intense
that Ami’s doctor released a statement confirming her medical records and that she was in remission. Though Matt Brown is known for his sunny disposition,
he had a run-in with police prior to his fame on the show. According to Radar Online, he was arrested
on DUI charges in August 2013 after a wild night of partying. Papa Billy reportedly paid the $250 bail to
get him out of jail. Unfortunately, Matt’s drinking problems resurfaced
during multiple seasons of Alaskan Bush People and he has been in and out of rehab. In March 2019, Matt’s condition made headlines
again. According to Radar Online, his loved ones
were concerned about his battle to stay sober after he received about $250,000 for Season
9. According to Bear Brown’s pre-series bio on
the family’s since-deleted web site, he suffered a serious injury when he was only 5 years
old, breaking a bone near his hip that put him in a cast from the chest down for about
three months. This incident apparently made him more confident
and fearless as a child and catalyzed his more extreme lifestyle as an adult. You may eventually see Bear spending less
time in Browntown and more time in Tinseltown because according to Radar Online, he’s working
on a, quote, “homemade” film. He told the tab in 2018, “It is a horror movie and yes, it does involve
a lot of death. […] The story itself comes from my own twisted
mind and I am really enjoying it.” Bear is reportedly the star of the flick,
but some of his siblings are involved as well. If you’d like to know if Gabriel Brown had
those super sideburns before Alaskan Bush People, look no further than his personal
YouTube channel, where he did a bit of documenting before the family began to shoot its TV show. In one of his last updates, he mentioned that
the family would be going to the Alaskan bush, but implied that he would upload more videos
in the future. With the success of the show, that probably
proved impossible, since bush people aren’t really supposed to have access to computers
or WiFi, right? In February 2019, the pack added another member
when Gabriel wed Raquell Rose near the family home in Washington state, as People reported. Gabriel said at the time, “We’re so happy to have found each other and
can’t wait for what life has in store for us.” Before the show, Noah Brown’s nickname was
“N.D” – for Noah Darkcloud – and his reputation as a romantic Mr. fix-it was already well
established. “I can assure you that my intentions are completely
honorable and that I will protect her honor with my meager life” “Okay, that sounds great.” Months before the first season began filming,
Noah suffered an injury that forced him to walk with a cane – and appeared to have lasting
effects as time passed. Noah wed Rhain Alisha in 2018, and in February
2019, the couple welcomed their first child. “After an 18 hour labor, we finally have him. So without further ado, this is…” “This is Elijah Connor, everyone.” According to People, he said, “Spring is when the birds have their babies,
and the deer have their babies, and the bears and the cougars. […] We just fit right in with the animals.” Perhaps one of the most notable things about
Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown is how blond his hair was prior to Alaskan Bush People. Of the seven children, it appears Bam is the
most active online, using YouTube to document aspects of his life – and to show off his
six pack. Bam seems to have stopped uploading videos
around the time the family began trying to land a TV deal. In 2016, Bam Bam temporarily left the bush
behind to be with a, quote, “city girl,” according to People. He said at the time, “I hope we can blend our lives together and
I can take her back to Alaska.” Multiple gossip sites identified his love
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