Anna Sorokin, aka Anna Delvey. She pulled off a scam that people are
calling Sex in the City meets Catch me if You Can meets Gossip Girl. She managed to convince New York’s rich
social elite that she was an heiress from Germany. Definitely one of them. And she got sentenced to four
to 12 years in jail for it. But should we actually be giving her a
Ted Talk so that she can explain how she did it? Well let’s talk about it. There are a few responses that people
have when they first hear about Anna Sorokin’s story. Either you have pad and paper ready to
write down exactly how she managed to pull this off or you’re like shocked
that someone could be so full of @#$. So I wanted to see if there was some
sort of guide to do what she did. Right. Cause we all kind of, I
mean we want to know, right? We want to know how she did this. Okay. And I found 11 foolproof tips
to become famous or in her case, infamous on the New York So let’s compare their tips
with what she did. Shall we? Number one: Beef up your
resume with a stripper past. Ana Sorokin did the next best thing. She beefed up her resume with
a millionaire heiress past. Number two: Maneuver the
casting couch deftly. She didn’t exactly sleep
her way into the headlines, but she did network the hell
out of the New York elite. She used her connections from interning
at the Paris magazine to drop a bunch of names and appear at the best
parties. Once she starts appearing, they start expecting her there. She doled out $100 tips like
candy to charm the staff, including the very well connected
concierge of a fabulous Soho hotel she was staying at for months. They then believed that she was super
rich and an international jet setter. She paid for amazing dinners, $300
personal trainer sessions, spas. And it was her friendship
with three women — Neff– that fabulous concierge, a personal trainer like a life coach to
celebrities that she had introduced her to, and Rachel Williams, the Vanity Fair photo editor
that ultimately tipped the
scales in bringing Anna Delvey down. So back to
our list. Number three: Make a sex tape with someone famous. I added famous because who cares
if you or I just make a sex tape. That’s just PornHub. But if you can associate
yourself with someone famous, then all of a sudden your kind of
famous without actually doing anything. Hello, Kardashian’s early 2000 era. She was hanging out all over the parties, social media with the super
rich trust fund, kids, athletes, celebrities, Macaulay Culkin. Number four: Or just expose yourself in public. Um, don’t do that. Number five: Decide you are beautiful. This is pretty much the engine
driving everything she did. Anna Sorokin was ballsy, or sociopathic enough depending on
where you fall on this whole story, to be confident enough to make people
believe she was who she said she was. Number six: Assume that any, everything you do is interesting. She had a PR company host help her get
together and host a birthday party at one of her favorite restaurants in Soho.
Then I didn’t know this was possible. She didn’t pay the bill. How do
you just walk out without paying? Now number seven: Make a
scene. Everywhere you go. She did this to a T. She was an international
jetsetter for three years. She traveled around the world
on private jets. Number eight: Start a feud on Twitter. Well it works for Trump. Number nine: Plagiarize poetry. Okay, so there was no poetry involved unless
you find falsifying financial records poetic. So she went to Citibank and
told them she was an heiress. Through her connections, she managed to falsify financial
documents and they agreed, get this, to give her a $2
million business loan. What?! Number 10: Show off your relationship
but refuse to talk about it. So this is the beginning of the
end. She asked Rachel Williams, that Vanity Fair editor, to go
with her on a trip to Morocco, but right away on the flight she started
asking Rachel to use her credit card saying she packed her’s accidentally.
You know, stuff like that. And when the room wasn’t being paid for, the hotel manager basically
like came into their room, and would not let them leave
without a card. So Rachel, because she was freaked out and wanted
to get out of the country, you know, free/alive. She turned her
American Express over to them. Rachel was checking out before
Anna, so she thought Anna, who was sort of the last one there would
take care of the charges. She had said, of course, that her trust was going
to come through. Well she did not. And Rachel, all of a sudden when she’s back home
sees the $62,000 charged to her card. I have so many questions. Mainly how do you get a credit card with
that kind of limit when you don’t even make that much a year? Can someone, I’d
like a credit card with that limit. So Rachel calls, lawyers, cops, anyone she can find to tell
about this, what happened, trying to get some kind of recourse. They basically tell her that she was an
idiot for having handed over her card, but she doesn’t give up. She found the district attorney’s office
and she tells them that Anna is some kind of high level con artist
and they need to look into it. So they do. So using the last of like the bank
loan money and bad checks. She, somehow gets herself into Passages,
the super fancy rehab in Malibu, and that’s where she’s finally arrested
and brought back to New York to stand trial for multiple
counts of grand larceny, which brings us to the last tip.Number 11: Dress like a clown on
the red carpet. And yep, Anna followed it. The clothes she wore to court became
almost as newsworthy as what her crimes, what she had done. Her lawyers got her a stylist who also
counts celebrities like Courtney Love among her clients. And every day of the trial she
walked in like it was a red carpet. And at the end of it all, five
weeks of trial later, in May, 2019, she was dressed in as Vanity Fair writer, Kenzie Bryant so aptly put it, “a lace white frock with a drop waist
that is meant to scream innocence I suppose. And a choker
paired with it screams, I can’t believe I missed the second
weekend of Coachella for this. ” Anna was sentenced to four
to 12 years in prison, and the person getting the most out of
her story seems to be Rachel Williams who, yeah, I guess she’s entitled to make some
cash back after getting stuck with that $62,000 bill. Although I guess apparently American
Express did forgive the Moroccan hotel charges. Pretty nice of them. Is that a thing that happens?
And Anna? Bless her heart. She’s not in the least bit
Sorry. Thanks for watching, and this is just a quick recap to
give you a general gist of the story. As always, I put links to my sources in the
description below so that you can go into detail. Go crazy. Read them,
fall into that rabbit hole, get more details on anything
you want. It’s a crazy story. Talk soon.