A young couple are down on their luck when they make an
amazing discovery. They find The Brass Teapot; a magical
artifact that will give money when someone experiences pain around it.
Now it looks like it’s the answer to their hopes and dreams but quickly becomes a nightmare. This
devilish little teapot well it wants more pain to get these
people paid. John (Michael Angarano) and Alice (Juno Temple) do not have the lives they
want. John is slaving away as a telemarketer- you poor bastard- and Alice really doesn’t do anything except look for a
job to fit her illustrious degree. To make matters worse one of Alice’s
friends is doing very well and they feel they’re getting their noses
rubbed in that success. But one car accident outside an antique
shop brings them to the brass teapot and everything changes. But already you
get to see signs that something is going wrong. John is it into the allure as much as
Alice and then they have a run in with mysterious stranger and to would be thieves that try to warn them
about the evil of this artifact. Now while John
seems more resistant is it too late for Alice who only gets more drawn in? This
fantasy film could have a dark premise but it doesn’t. All of the pain that we have here is
comedically driven and delivered. From slapstick comedy to
situation comedy different ways that John and Alice come up with to feed
this teapot are funny. They’re hilarious at times and at one time it’s actually intimate and I didn’t mind watching- but that’s me that’s my journey. One of the
things are really enjoyed about the film is that it kept the tone with the other
characters. We have character types and that’s okay because they’re
there to service the story, the mentality that this is a more funny fantasy film, than it is serious what so ever. When I watched The Brass Teapot I was having a pretty rough day and the
movie turned out to be what I needed. It was a quirky, fantasy film
that was more about humor than depth, and an idea that could
have been dark but instead the film was just funny and pretty entertaining.