history likes to repeat itself I’m not
sure why since very rarely did it ever turn out so well the first time I’m
Danielle Metz I’m Robert Vaughan and this is The Danielle
Metz Show quote state intervention in economic production arises when private
initiative is insufficient or when interests of the state are involved this
intervention may take the form of control or direct management Benito
Mussolini from the book Fascism Doctrines and
Institutions published in 1932 California’s burning literally rampant
wildfires are surging due to the inability of the energy company Pacific
Gas and Electric aka PG&E to maintain the infrastructure they’re imposing
rolling blackouts on millions of their customers in order to curtail the threat
of further fires caused by downed power lines needless to say in the face of
this crisis and impending insolvency PG&E has gone out of their way to make
sure that they have met their diversity hiring quotas because it is current year
and the California Governor Democrat Gavin Newsom immediately stepped up and
pledged not only will the government be involved in the company’s impending
bankruptcy it will appoint an energy czar to figure out a way to take the
company over if restructuring is unsuccessful apparently the governor is
a fan of the doctrine of Mussolini California is a third world country that happens to
have the benefit of being a state in the first world country oh I like that event the
advantage is drying up fast we’ve talked about the horrors of the rampant
homelessness and diseases that have absolutely destroyed one of the most
beautiful and productive states in the US in past shows and these very same
policies that have brought the state to its very knees are the actual platforms
being put forth by each and every Democratic presidential candidate the
dark path that Atlas Shrugged warned about is being played out right before
our eyes and people are applauding and begging for more the disconnect is
staggering so Robert we’ve already had a reckoning here north of the 49th what
do you think is in store our friends in the south oy you sound
really upbeat don’t you well I don’t have a crystal ball but just like
anybody else you could just look at the trend lines and see where things are
going and where they’re heading it’s interesting because you know all
around us we have stuff that makes our lives amazing and think that you think
that people are progressing and in technology and all that they certainly
are despite the socialist affairs as we find ourselves in not because of it but
despite of it and who knows what levels of technological wonders we’d have right
now if there was and all other regulations imposed upon us by these
little Mussolini’s that’s a good term I’m going to use that enough I’m gonna use that we’ll just
call them little Mussolini’s because that’s what they are that’s a great term
I love it I’m adopting that thank you feel free TM but technology is not
everything technology is not everything and and style isn’t
everything and some of the things that we think that we’re progressing in the
right direction aren’t everything underneath all of it is politics it
really is underneath everything is politics and you just have to go into
history and not very far back within a lifetime at least in the
Western Hemisphere or just yesterday as far as some other countries in the world
to know that all it takes is a little Mussolini a little dictator a little
Justin Trudeau a little Elizabeth Warren or a little AOC to gain power and then
overnight your world could be turned into a hell absolutely and it doesn’t
matter if you got the A50 or the A70 yeah you know whether Samsung S10 it
doesn’t matter because you won’t have anything to eat you want to have
anything over your head the wildfires will be burning out of control your
water will be tainted and you will have no electricity just like in Atlas
Shrugged with the blackouts and it can turn on a dime but whether or
not that’ll happen I mean that’s anybody’s guess I don’t I guess I don’t
have a crystal ball and all I know is that there’s a hell of a lot of people
out there for trying to prevent it well the advantage the states have is because
there are individual states for the most part even though federal encouragement
has been coming is that they’re all there in they are
the United States their individual states that are united under a federal
government for protection from supposedly what was the original intent
was from foreign invasion and that kind of stuff and inter-state disputes so
California can be burning but Texas can be doing well and you have that
separation that they’re lucky to have where in Canada we don’t have that kind
of too much of that line that’s drawn where we are individual provinces unless
it comes to you trade barriers which is just so repulse me but the federal
government we are a top-down government situation where the states tend to be a
bottom-up kind of government in some areas yes but in some of the more
important areas provinces have constitutional control for example over
the resources it’s totally provincial even though the National Energy Program
under Pierre Elliott Trudeau may have made its update the people think
otherwise health care is totally provincial education totally provincial
but again the federal government gets its claws into those areas and whenever
they do of course the outcome isn’t very good so yeah you may have the protection
of having some states or provinces more freer than others and if you one becomes
too suffocating like in California you can probably move to another one yeah
and what they do is they take their politics with them and then they vote
for the same thing that they already had that they were escaping which is why
healthy states around California like no stay away don’t come here no we’re
talking about the the people who would prefer more freedom and less government
intrusion in their lives and if they move from one state to another perhaps
things will get better in that other state I remember back in the 80s there
was some sort of movement to have a libertarian commune or state New
Hampshire I think they chose and all the libertarians interesting would supposedly go
to New Hampshire to either live free or die I suppose
but that never really came to fruition because again and again you can run away
from all of these government intrusions but what you’re really not able to run away
from is the philosophy that created them and the culture that created them so
doesn’t matter if you’re in Florida where they have no income tax Wow
that’d be great amazing or in California where they have tremendous amounts of
regulation control and taxation the thing is that the overarching philosophy
of the United States and Canada and the West now is one of altruism we are our
brothers keepers and under that notion of altruism the individual is
sacrifice to the collective the collective will is determined by the
politicians well actually I’m going to dispute you on that that is the way they sell policies is by it being altruistic I don’t think that
any of the elites in power plan to be altruistic themselves ever that’s how
they say that you are supposed to behave not how they are going to behave oh yeah
no take them out of the equation the overarching philosophy of the United States Canada and the Western world is altruism and that’s why we get a Justin
Trudeau not because they’re altruistic because of course they’re not they’re
completely selfish and egotistical and nihilistic and narcissistic and death
culty yeah the whole thing no they’re the evil people the the people who are
putting them in power are doing so because they’re thinking they’re doing
good they think that oh the poor need a handout so therefore let’s have a Jagmeet Singh in power or the mosquitoes aren’t doing too well in
Montana so let’s have AOC impose the green new deal you know the world is
going to end in 11 years now so yeah let’s stop the use of all fossil fuels
because they’re doing it the electorate the people at large are doing it out of
some misguided and incorrect sense that they’re doing good based on the
philosophy of altruism you are your brother’s keeper you must
sacrifice yourself your taxes your property your lifestyle your standard of
living so that others who aren’t as fortunate as you can better themselves
the so called you know hand up when of course after
about a hundred years of this nonsense we see that what there’s always still
poor there’s always people out there who are sick even though you can walk into
any Hospital at least in Canada and get healthy and in the States too you can
walk into an ER and they can’t refuse service yeah but and yet you still go
around you find people dying of illnesses that they shouldn’t be dying
of people not vaccinating their children because they have this supernatural
belief in some study that was falsified about linking autism with inoculations
and you have a great deal of ignorance of history and an ignorance of science
and fact and philosophy so that the electorate are moving always in a path
of altruism rather than a path which ironically would give everybody exactly
what they were asking for that the altruist are asking for which is
betterment of the poor and that is ironically selfishness a rational
self-interest or capitalism and the evidences is blatant and glaring and
self-evident you it’s it’s a shock to me that I have to actually tell people that
all you have to do is look at the socialist countries and the capitalist
or the freer countries the boat’s are only going one way yes well there are
you know gradations between the two the more capitalist and individualistic you
are the better the poor are as a matter of fact the fewer the poor are and what we
consider poor in Western countries would be considered rich in other countries
right you take the poorest of the poor in Canada or the United States and they
are living high on the hog compared to the poor and say Pakistan or Nigeria
doesn’t matter which country you just pick a socialist
fascist or totalitarian yeah theocracy totalitarian and you pick the
richest there perhaps even if you eliminate government employees rich
people there and you know us as middle class have it better poor people have it
better why because of selfishness because of capitalism because of people
looking out for themselves and in doing so creating wealth for everybody
while the altruist model of course is we have to take from everybody you have to
sacrifice yourself don’t think selfishly don’t act in your own self-interest act
in the interest of the poor or act in the interest of the state and then they
will redistribute your wealth to the poor who never seem to get it to buy your votes we vote for that but they’re offering it because everybody’s on the vote plantation and
they’re selling us are there other people’s prosperity for our votes and I
just I was watching the Democratic primaries it’s such a gong show it’s
like who could be more far left than the next one
oh yes shall we offer free health care for illegal immigrants yep I’m all for
that and everybody of course that’s a great idea and the thing is that a good
idea the thing is that it’s not the illegal
immigrants who are putting these people into power it’s the people
whose pockets are being picked to fund all of these illegal immigrants I disagree because there’s no voter ID necessary so anybody can vote yeah but you’re not disagreeing that we say you’re not disagreeing with the fact
that your neighbor Danielle or mine are voting these people into office that’s
obvious we don’t have we have a lot of illegal immigrants in this country but
nowhere near the numbers that are putting Justin Trudeau into office or a
Jagmeet Singh into I’m talking more of the states the states have the people
flooding across yeah even even that the tens and
hundreds of millions of people who are voting they’re not our little illegal
immigrants they’re the the blue haired people out there who get in there
possibly into their vans and drive to the polling station and put their X next
to Elizabeth Warren or an AOC or Joe Biden they’re all doing it and we’re
half of them are doing it I should say not out of them and the illegal
immigrants why they may tip the scales and they may certainly affect the
election’s outcome you’re not getting rid of the overall overall arching
philosophy of altruism and self-sacrifice that people vote for
willingly sure enough who do you think is going to
be the Democratic nominee now that Michael Bloomberg apparently has thrown
his hat in the ring I heard that I have to admit I haven’t been following it
I’ve been well I’ve been so involved in Canadian politics you know about a year
ago I’d laugh at the American politics because you think we’re bad oh my dear
God watching those the debates in the States we’re supposedly a
socialist country but they’ve taken it hold my beer and then they ran
with it they’re like everything is free college is free we’ll get rid of all
the college debt well they Medicare for all they’re going to adopt other social
systems that we have here and then erase everybody’s debt and then do and go keep
running that way oh we admit it’s gonna cost fifty three trillion dollars over
the next ten years but we’ll just take it from you know the tippy-top yeah the
thing is that over the last year or so while I was involved in following the
American political scene prior to 2018 it’s only since Justin Trudeau has
really started to exercise his muscle as a dictator and an environmentalist
and a progressive that I started to turn away from American politics and think
why am i concerning myself with Alexandria Ocasio Cortes or Donald Trump
when we have in this country the one that affects me the most in you the most
this runaway leftist government that we have to do something that we actually
can do something about we can’t do anything about the United States so to
me that’s a diversion that’s entertainment and it’s good
entertainment but I’ve been spending my time on Canadian politics recently I
understand that I have as well but I think also because our culture’s are so
intertwined what goes to the south of the border affects us because we consume
the entertainment we consume there we consume their news we can it
we are meshed we are like twins I wish we were closer twins well I wish
we were closer twins as well but what happens there does affect here
especially when it comes to the culture side and the entertainment and what
they’re the values that they espouse does affect us a lot which is why I pay
a lot of attention to that also the cultural trends down there also affects
appear politically so you see a Trump being elected and then you see the rise of the People’s Party of Canada you see the rise of Doug Ford you see there is a yin
and yang there and I think that we have to pay attention to her cousin sister’s to this house only marginally and if I was to pay attention to it it
wouldn’t be to their politics it’ll be to their culture as you correctly
pointed out Hollywood and television that we get from the United States does
shape our own society but again politics is downstream from culture thank you Andrew Beitbart so I got that from Salim Mansur I don’t know if Andrew said it
first but so if I’m going to try to either influence or get my crystal ball
out and say where is society going politically I have to look at where it
is going culturally so I have to look at Hollywood I have to look at music the nonsense that goes on on television and with with the media those that’s the
real barometer and to that extent you can’t get away from American culture but
politically no I’m not going to look at with any sort of passion American
politics because first of all I can’t influence it unless they’re Americans watching
this particular podcast or I was going to say I hope we can influence because I
hope we have some American bands yeah I know we do but you can’t influence it to
the extent that I as a Canadian can influence Canadian politics and you and
I both know that very well we’ve been influential in Canadian politics so if I
want to find out where the society is going look at Star Trek Discovery and
where that went oh never like that and then the new Star Wars movie coming up
when they’ve already fired Ryan Johnson has already left
prior and they’re putting Star Trek or Star Wars on hiatus even before the new movie
comes out oh I don’t I don’t know anything about the new Star Wars movie
oh you don’t well that’ll be another show cuz it’s a whole train wreck I
don’t know what’s happening and maybe I’m getting old or something but I have
been totally turned off for most of the movies coming out of Hollywood I only knew it
because I follow a lot of people online that I really enjoy their critiques of
current movies coming out and trailers and the behind the scenes of the
movie industry politics to take a break from the regular politics I get in so
they entertainment industry from time to time just for a break and yeah it’s it’s
it’s a nightmare it’s it’s controlled it’s all feminist propaganda and it’s
just a nightmare but we’ll do another show on that it’s interesting that here
we are talking politics is downstream from culture but where’s culture downstream from and of course it’s academia you have to think of the
professors out there or the great writers out there who are influencing
society because Hollywood gets their ideas from the academics you know the
Noam Chomsky’s out there influenced a hell of a lot of people and because of
his philosophy all of a sudden you have movies espousing his philosophic views
look at that professor recently the debating professor I’m afraid I
don’t have the link in front of me but this professor was saying there’s no
such thing as outer space because he has no physical personal sense of it he’s never been to space so therefore and I’m
serious here and so is he therefore it doesn’t exist
is he a flat Earther too he probably would be must be a person in his class who actually recorded him put it on a video on youtube in the recording and he said
well are you suggesting then that Paris doesn’t exist because I’ve never been to
Paris so therefore I can’t say that it exists and he goes yes he’s absolutely
100% convinced this is total subjectivism at the exact opposite of
your and my philosophy of Objectivism that society or the world exists outside
of our experiences he believes but to that level like I my brain my ape
brain does not comprehend how you can completely just go well because i don’t
see it it can’t exist so therefore he can’t breathe because it’s an older philosophy he can’t see oxygen it’s an older philosophy but it certainly is out there and the thing is
though that this is in academia this is Weber State University in Utah and academia is where society gets its
notions its ideas hollywood runs with them the newspapers run with them
politics appeases them so this guy at Weber State University who’s by the way
he’s won awards for his debating he’s a debating professor there’s a video of
one of these debates you have to send me a link it amounts to him yelling and
screaming profanities and racist remarks and his opponents and the audience I’m guessing they’re white yeah he’s black and yeah right yeah and
that’s the kind of thing that we have to pay attention to not so much the Donald
Trump tweets or AOC’s attempt at a green new deal so much as what are they
teaching our kids because when the kids come out they’re the ones who are making
the movies they’re the ones who are going into
journalism well I could argue that what new movies they’ve just been
recycling the same thing over and over and over again and the last Terminator movie Dark Fate apparently is on record of being the biggest loser over a
hundred million dollars lost because oh they put all the women in the movie oh sorry wymen in the movie and but they just recycled the same plot from the
original movie and then they had the Ghostbusters same plot all the Star Wars
movies are all just recycling from the same plot all the Star Trek movies
recycling from the same plot Ocean’s Eight recycling they just keep there is no originality in culture anymore it’s just recycling
and then adding a little bow on the top that says this is the politically
correct version of the past and that’s all they do
yep and they sell it to us and you’re supposed to pay for it and go sit in the
cinema and laugh and seal clap so as long as that kind of a person is
teaching then to go back to your first question of where where are we headed
it’s not a pretty prognosis do you think Trump’s going to win
I don’t know if I hope so but I really don’t know who would have thought he
would have won in the first place yeah but look he’s up against there such I
don’t know I believe that he’s I don’t want to say he’s gonna win in a
landslide but I think he’s probably gonna win just because he’s up against a
paper tiger perhaps he’s also up against people who would stop at nothing
including murder and committing crimes to to gain power and it’s been done and I
think we all know that yes Epstein didn’t kill himself we’ll talk again soon. Cheers if you’ve enjoyed this presentation
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