Did you know that there are actually three
Gazas? The one Hamas wants you to believe exists,
the one Hamas wants Gazans to believe exists, and the real Gaza. Let’s look at each in turn. Hamas is a terrorist group, designated as
such across the globe- a genocidal organisation intent on the destruction not just of the
State of Israel but of all Jews everywhere. Hamas has ruled Gaza with an iron fist since
it brutally sized control in 2007. Since then, it has systematically exploited
humanitarian assistance, stealing materials designated for civilian residents, for use
in its campaign of terror. It’s hard to tell what life is really like
in Gaza because Hamas controls all information coming out of the Strip. The story that Hamas wants you to believe: is the falsehood that an Israeli blockade
renders Gaza an open-air prison, a notion readily perpetuated by media keen to sensationalise
this story. No prison could store 20,000 rockets, having
already indiscriminately fired 15,000. Notably, these rockets are fired only at Israel,
though both Israel and Egypt maintain a security blockade. Israel’s blockade of all weapons and materials
used for terrorism is legitimate under international law, and a necessary consequence of Hamas’
decision to turn the Strip into a launchpad for terror. The narrative portrayed by sensationalist
media simply doesn’t fit the facts: 800 supply trucks enter the Gaza Strip from
Israel every day, conveying food, medical equipment, fuel, building materials and more. Despite being under no obligation to do so,
Israel permits around 1,000 Gazans to cross into its territory every day, including for
treatment in Israeli hospitals. It’s important to remember that before Hamas’
reign of terror, tens of thousands would cross the border daily. In 2018 Forbes ranked Hamas the world’s
third wealthiest terror organization with an estimated annual income of 700 million
US dollars. Only Hezbollah and the Taliban outrank them
in wealth. With these huge sums, Gaza should have become
a modern, metropolitan marvel. But it clearly isn’t- so where does all
this money go? Unfortunately, straight into the pockets of
the corrupt terrorist regime. The former long-time Hamas leader Khaled Mashal
(who lives a life of luxury in Qatar) and his deputy Mousa Abu Marzuk (based in Egypt)
are estimated to have accumulated a personal wealth of 2.5 billion dollars each, generously
donated by the international community. International aid also funds the group’s
many terror projects. Hamas has spent up to 90 million US dollars
in order to build around 50 terror tunnels. It has poured at least 600,000 tons of concrete
into the ground in order to construct a terrorist infrastructure known as ‘lower Gaza’. The purpose of these tunnels? To allow armed Hamas terrorists to infiltrate
Israeli territory in order to kill and kidnap Israelis, some of whom live just 800 meters
from the border. And cross-border tunnels were used for exactly
this purpose in the capture of Gilad Shalit in 2006 and in Gaza in 2014 to kidnap the
bodies of Oron Shaul and Hadar Goldin. Their families are still waiting for their
remains to be returned. 2. But the story of Gaza found in most media
is very different to the story that Hamas propagates to its own people. Hamas has not held an election since it came
to power and threw its Fatah opposition members from Gaza’s rooftops twelve years ago. This Hamas campaign video (for an election
that was never held) shows Gaza’s hotels, swimming pools, shopping malls, and healthy,
happy residents thanking Hamas for establishing a paradise. Hamas sells one fabrication to the West in
order to maintain the flow of international aid, and the opposite story to the Palestinians. 3. So what’s the reality in Gaza? The following is what Hamas doesn’t want
you to know: In March 2019, there was a rare outburst of
public dissent. The Palestinian Authority, based in the West
Bank, cut funds to Gaza in an attempt to exert political pressure on Hamas. In response, Hamas increased taxes in the
Strip so much that some basic foods trebled in price. Thousands took to the streets of Gaza, calling
for an end to Hamas’ abuse and an improvement to the poor living conditions it has cultivated. Activists were beaten and crowds dispersed
with live ammunition. It is difficult to know the true extent of
the uprising because there is no freedom of press in Gaza. Hamas brutally silences journalists attempting
to report on its oppression of Palestinians. Hundreds of people, including journalists
attempting to document the protests, suffered arbitrary arrest and torture. It took four days before the Gazans could
be beaten into submission by their own rulers. Unfortunately for the people of Gaza, these
protests did not get much media attention, because they don’t fit Hamas’ propaganda
model, to which international news outlets have become accustomed. If you choose to fall for Hamas’s propaganda,
you will have to decide whether to accept their fabricated stories of destitution or
their videos depicting Gaza as a “Middle Eastern Riviera”. The truth is in fact much more sinister. Don’t be fooled by Hamas’ attempts to
cover up its oppression of Palestinians in Gaza. I’m Kiki Hausdorff and you’re watching J-TV.