Steve Huggins: The type of cases that we generally
handle are Chapter 13, Chapter 7 bankruptcy [GRAPHIC: J. Steven Huggins, Attorney at Law] I understand the process can be scary, it
can be difficult. My job and what I try to accomplish to make the process as easy as
I can for the client while understanding what they’re going through and making sure they’re
in the right type of bankruptcy. If bankruptcy is even an option for them. All of our clients appreciate that we offer
a free consultation. They also appreciate the fact that they work with me through the
entire process. I’m the attorney they deal with and also they appreciate the honesty
that I give them. Because of my years of experience in dealing with bankruptcy I try to make sure
everybody understands the whole process and I’m there for them. That’s probably one of the most enjoyable
things, getting to know the clients, but also helping these clients through a very tough
time. Most people are honest hardworking people and we try to just make sure that we understand
them and they understand us and that we can help them through this process. [GRAPHIC: The Huggins Law Firm, PA,,
803-764-1558, 1812 Lincoln Street, Suite 201, Columbia, SC 29201]