What do you dream for? That less people
have to say goodbye too soon to people they love. ♪ (MUSIC PLAYS) ♪ MAN:I had heard about Theranos
and Elizabeth Holmes.
You know, her story’s
so compelling.She was going to herald
a revolution
in medical treatment
in this country.
MAN 2:It was obviously,
such an incredible story.
A woman creating this
nine-billion-dollar company.
MAN 3:Everyone worshiped
the ground she walked on.
She could do no wrong.
She was the next Steve Jobs. The idea with the Edison
was to stickthe lab inside the box.MAN 4:She wanted Edison devices
in every home in America.
MAN 5: This could be the Apple
of healthcare. ELIZABETH HOLMES:
You all are part of something
that is gonna change our world.
-What higher purpose is there?
-(APPLAUSE) WOMAN:Elizabeth came to me,
and she described her idea.
It’s impossible. Physically. MAN 4:Elizabeth was lying
about the accuracy
of the blood tests.It’s all a show. MAN 6:
She didn’t want anybody to see
what was going on in there.
HOLMES:We don’t need
to explain ourselves
to competitive companies. She aligned herself
with very powerful menwho succumb to a certain charm.MAN 2:
She was deceiving investors
to the tune
of 400 million dollars.
It comes back to “fake it
until you make it.” MAN 7:
There was definitely something
going on behind the scenes.
She had bulletproof glass
on their windows.
Anything I typed was watched.
It was very scary. MAN 8:Like what are they
trying to hide?
MAN 3:
The mantra in Silicon Valley
is “Move Fast, Break Things.”
MAN 7:
That’s not the way you approach
science that’s going
to be impacting people’s lives. MAN 8:
Quite frankly, people can die.
♪ (MUSIC CONTINUES) ♪ It snowballed
into this crazy situation. MAN 3:In a panic, I went
and bought a burner phone.
I called
The Wall Street Journal. What is coming out of her mouth
is not reality. WOMAN 2:She never thought
she had any limits.
She was gonna conquer the world.This was real lunacy. INTERVIEWER:
Can you tell us a secret? I don’t have many secrets. I’m– ♪ (MUSIC CONCLUDES) ♪