the outbound with us is the catalog and a Jimmy Pepper was sending an actual copy of the music to bring publications to
the attention of his customers we do the same thing except in our case we’re sending selected lists of material recommended lists of material in catalog form The Catalog is designed to trigger a customer response either a definite order or an on-approval order and I can remember after I graduated from high school in 1946 Dad gave me a briefcase and some catalogs and said alright go out & call on schools so we actually beat the bushes and begin to push and promote the sale of Band, Orchestra & Choir music to schools and we started to come out with catalogs then at that time we weren’t anywhere as near as well organized and scientific as we are today I wanted someone who had been on the other side of the fence as a user to give us insights into materials that that we should be promoting when a new title comes in its reviewed, it goes into the system an annotation is done at that time on the item its graded & classified when we start & we normally start in November, December thinking about the catalog for next year we immediately start to do analysis of what we’ve put in the catalog how well has it sold as an ongoing process we’re constantly
reviewing the new materials that are coming in from the publishing industry remember that we’re not only doing the annual catalog we’re doing about seven
catalogs a year the annual is the biggest one its an ongoing process there’s always… every month there’s something going out to a certain customer group