On the road to Munapirtti – Egg Cottage
My friend’s summer house is located there. ♪ Calm, Soothing and Positive Music about Abusing Women ♪ I take it that Teimo’s shop hasn’t been open for quite a while. Hasn’t been open, no. Should we try to break in? They were around here somewhere… Who? In the music video… Really? -Yea I can show you the crossing that’s in the video ♪ Rowing in Saimaa waters… ♪ ♪ Collecting sexually transmitted diseases… ♪ hahaha wtf ♪ I’ll drown you in my love… ♪ ♪ Eino is the rebooter… ♪ ♪ The pregnancy starter… ♪ hahaha what the fuck is this song ♪ In the summer, it’s done unprotected ♪ ♪ The fetuses are poisoned with beer ♪ ♪ In the summer, unprotected… ♪ We just drove past that spot It doesn’t focus where I want it to… Why do you focus on the windshield. There’s like 3 shit stains and it focuses on those. It’s this crossing where they turn ♪ Chill music and mild drinks… ♪ There! *insert turbo sound* ♪ Summer vibes… ♪ It’s worse in the back What if a car would’ve come Then a car would had come. ♪ I shagged your mum now she has a bun in her oven.. ♪ more shitty trap music not worth translating… Oh THAT’s the beetle! Here’s our fuel filter… Checking the breaker points… They looked pretty alright. It could go sideways. In the winter. Do we really have this much… or These are mostly Eemeli’s stocks… You got that light? One candle… -Two Today we’re testing… METAXA Methamphetamine… This bitch doesn’t want to focus at all… Smells very much like window cleaner! …after a 400km cocaine line… Hahaha, last drops… There you go! clink clonk You were supposed to taste it! And now we’re testing… Lyraki… The Original Cretan Great Spirit… produced for… more than hundred years… in the traditional way… Very good. LYRAKI It’s just water in the cups… Only water There it sinks… When you eat something over it it’s pretty okay… a b s o l u t e l y d i s g u s t i n g You’re a pussy I prefer vodka Fill the glasses up! There you go… Destroy him oh shit You poured way too much Just drink it This is good compared to that previous one! WHAT At least the hangover’s gone… Hopped in the car to visit the local pub… I filmed some 20 minutes of pointless, absolutely dark footage from this trip… less alcohol next time. We saw some interesting stuff on our way… Bunch of parked cars along the road… Who the fuck are you… Those were photographers, taking pictures of the night sky, which was quite amazing that night..! I didn’t film us at the bar, (un)fortunately… My friend got in a little argument… We were peacefully escorted out. Anyway, this is one of those photographer guys. Here’s a picture from last summer… a sea eagle! Nice I used to work for the military… Risu-ukko was ex-military as well! I’m retired now… Have you seen the big flag in Hamina? 100-meter-high flagpole! A Eurasian hobby catching a dragonfly mid-air! wtf These fucking guys… It’s a question of thousands of hours to get a picture like that! Nothing else to do when you’re unemployed! My battery’s ending… -Both of my batteries ran out, have been taking so many pictures tonight! Let’s drink for him! I remember when… we were playing music in my cousin’s car… at our summer place… Mom sends me a message: What the fuck is that rumbling over there??? We turn it up… IT’S GETTING LOUDER Part 2 – What a horrible feeling… You’re still supposed to drive! The feelings is feelingless. You could live like this. The bottle opens when the eyes open 12 o’clock, first day of September… Should be off to work, couple of hours late… ei vittu hyi vittu saatana Well… No problem… My Summer Car music… ♪ I keep alive my dreams of becoming a rally driver… ♪ ♪ It’s pointless to advise mom’s little heroes… ♪ ♪ The rally can’t be won if they’re afraid… ♪ ♪ At the finish line we’re celebrating our lad, the winner, Teuvo ♪ How deep is it here Where are some good places to dive from Here So now you want to dive… You’ll get sucked into that hydro plant… This river used to be the Sweden-Russia border. For historical reasons, the Swedish side is clearly mentioned, unlike the Russian one, of which there is no mention at all. Interesting, innit An Estonian came to fish… talking about car ownership amongst women… lmao …at my workplace, one had an turbo mercedes, very pretty (the car)… There was a cloud every time she left the parking lot… Now that’s a good car for gassing jews. You had to say it… You gotta have some jewish jokes in every video! A.R.S.E. ♪ Go to fucking hell ♪ ♪ It’s pointless to complain ♪ ♪ I only get more annoyed ♪ ♪ And my veins start to break ♪ ♪ It’s a shame I get to gaze at your fat face… ♪ ♪…and vomit. ♪ Thank you for watching!!! I hope this was entertaining! Leave a like, subscribe, all that good shit! Some more videos on the way… stay tuned!!! Also leave a comment! Reading and answering your comments is the best thing on youtube! See ya! ass n tiddies