hello today we are introducing the two
new junior insolvency administrators so guys do you want to introduce yourselves. Hi I’m James Hi I’m Jai So we’ve got a few quickfire questions for the guys Firstly football or rugby? James: its got to be football Jai: rugby always okay and which team do you support? James: Manchester United Jai: Quinns And what is your favourite film? James: Its a tough one, it’s got to be either Finding Nemo or Wolf of Wall Street Jai: I’m going with the Dark Knight out of the Christopher Knowles trilogy Two very different films there And what about your favourite take aways? James: Oh Chinese Jai: Donner Kebab Was is the most famous person you would like to meet? James: I think it has to be based on my film choice be Leonardo Di Caprio Jai: I am going with Kevin Hart because he would just crack me up What is an interesting fact about yourself? James: I once had the police called on me because I got tied to a tree Jai: When I was 7 I had to get rescued by the Coast Guard Right I think we will need to get these guys to elaborate on that at a later time And lastly what is the most scariest thing about being an office junior? James: being able to make a good cup of coffee Jai: having to do everyone’s work for them, which will probably happen anyway but we will see Lovely thanks very much guys