So I actually planning on playing three
songs tonight but a couple of people told me that I
played on Thursday or Friday that I didn’t play on Wednesday
Wednesday that they thought was the song they
could tolerate the most Or in their words, the song that activated
their gag reflexes the least So I don’t want to overstay my welcome,
but if you wanted I could — Well too bad, because I’m doing it
anyways! I only prepared for the booing response, I
didn’t actually think people would say yes. Thank you for that. So too bad, I’m doing it anyways. If you’ve heard this song before, you
probably don’t need to know this but if you haven’t, you may not know that I’m
actually a very popular person. I get tonnes of emails everday. In fact, on
one day I got three emails. I know, that’s crazy right? Who gets three
emails? That’s crazy. So to commemorate this event, I actually
wrote this song. Here goes. Oh, and I just remembered something.
There may be a little bit of audience There may be a little bit of audience
interaction at the end so just keep your eyes open, get ready to
sing a little bit, just one or two lines. I’ll shut up and play the song now. Deposed from his country, in destitution Hes got nobody to turn to But then he found me, found me through
e-mail Prince of Nigeria, Ill help you I think Im in love, Sallys so gorgeous She wrote me a note, she says she likes
me Shes got a profile, in order to read it Must signup for, its free Online prescriptions made easy They tell me I am bad in the sack How am I supposed to please Sally? Better buy pills with yohimbine extract To super-size my Big Mac Now everyone together, werewolf solo [werewolf solo] One more time, a little bit louder [werewolf solo]