The British discovered this region’s treasure after making India one of it’s colonies And building a road from Calcutta to Dheli It provides hundreds of thousands of people with their source of income It can be applied to sensitive skin doesn’t clog the pores and is entirely natural Without it the locals would starve to death 60% of the world’s Mica deposits lie on either side of this road Under local law digging for the mineral is forbidden India’s state of Jharkhand is the riches of nature reserves But everyone who lives here knows that people still extract Mica anyways Illegally The process is based on slave labor often involving child exploitation Is anybody here? Come here please Hello Suddenly two people appear at this makeshift mine The boy’s father and their neighbor from the village The boy’s called Vishal and according to his father he’s 18 although he looks no more than 14 or 15 The adults seem to be scared that the boy might let something slip that should remain unsaid Are you afraid of going down? No Why? At least one or two fatal accidents are recorded in the Jharkhand Mica mines every month It’s not only adults who die but children too His body is covered in scars from contact with Mica it’s razor sharp and working in a mine the dust rises in thick cloud like blooms There’s no time to talk Vishal goes back down into the mine again The mineral is extracted using the most dangerous method It’s scraped off the ceiling where the rock looks as if it might collapse at any moment There’s another fatal danger here inhailing Mica dust often causes lung cancer The number of oncology cases in Jharkhand is growing at the alarming rate of 10% every year This is where people work rest and hide from the heat Average earnings for workign here amount to no more than $3 a day and all for extracting Mica the material that is commonly used in manufactured cosmetics In 2014 the world’s largest cosmetic companies announced that they had stopped buying Mica that had been extracted illegally or by using child labor They promised to bring in strict controls over their supply chains saying their Mica production should never involve child labor We’re going to visit one of the biggest open mines in Jharkhand It was once developed by a state company but was abandoned when Mica production was prohibited