Ask yourself, out of all the people you walk
by everyday, how many do you actually know? Would you go out of your way to make them
less of a stranger? What prevents us, from tearing down these
walls? [Guitar playing “Here comes the Sun”] I don’t do anymore drugs since yesterday because I am going to be 30 and I don’t want to do drugs anymore so I start painting and I start
doing art. This and then I do this, I was trying to spell
morning. I moved here three years ago because my ex-wife
moved down here with my two kids, and my sister moved down here with her two kids and my sister
killed herself two years ago from drug or from alcohol and a mix of anti-depressant
pills. Long story short I got into drugs a lot, I
definitely got into it bad. As the last homeless count in MetroVancouver
show, we have the highest number of homeless people ever counted, with 2707 in Metro Vancouver
and 1790. If we can start looking at each other regardless
of whether you are on the Downtown Eastside or you are in the business district or you
are in the suburbs of Burnaby, or wherever. We all have hurts in our lives and 100% of
them are because of our relationships and 100% of how we fix them or get better is by
being in relationship with each other. My mom was in the picture for a little bit,
and then she told me that she doesn’t want to be my in my family, in my life for a while
because I was using drugs. And then I went and told her straight, I yelled at her
where she works, that I do not want her in my life ever ever again, and she said that,
that’s okay it’s fine. And then my grandpa was with me
since I was 4 years old and since that me and him get along. [Guitar continues to play] The people start to seem less scary. Like I’ve grown up with heavy mannerism and
grown up with just love all hate no one attitude, I have very few conflicts, very few Just if you share your heart, you can have
anything you want. Okay if I am going to clean myself up, I’m
going to utilize what I need: everyone needs food, everyone needs housing, everyone needs
clothing. You know here the people live by simple rules,
the simple rules are respect each other, be there for each there. When you get beyond the sort of smear campaign
of the media, mainstream media, what you find is a remarkable community of support for people
who you know are trying to struggle and struggle together. When I was a youth, where I felt really not
powerful and I felt like I couldn’t change anything and why bother, and what really helped
me personally was connecting with the community down here The best way to help somebody, regardless
of if they’re here or any place else is relationships These, these cards… (Do you mind if I see them?) No no, you guys can have them if you want. There’s hookers there’s needles but they’re still in the package and I just don’t know if it’s really a safe place for them I like helping volunteering and pick up youth. People just don’t understand, people just think that being the homeless
drunks or whatever, but if you actually go to one and show the respect and their own culture, (yeah it’s beautiful)
you learn so much from them To keep up with the pace of life, we often
neglect what’s right in front of us We become blind to our surroundings overlooking
the many untold stories waiting to be heard. They don’t know your story, you don’t know theirs, and we’ll never know. unless we start This is our story, this is our story, this is our story, this is our story, this is our story this is my story…