Justin Trudeau is doubling down on his
bailout of the media they’re trying to buy off media outlets with a payout
package what’s worse Trudeau’s Liberal government will get to a point whoever
they want to a special panel that will make decisions on which companies get
money and which don’t Trudeau should not be the one deciding
which media outlets survive and which will be allowed to fail especially in an
election year a healthy democracy relies on an independent press one that is free
from political influence many in the media probably won’t be influenced but
the optics and perception of receiving a big cash payout from the Liberals in an
election year cannot be ignored this conflict of interest created by
Trudeau’s media payout is simply unacceptable this is a threat to a free
and independent press full stop I Justin PJ Trudeau do swear that I will be
faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the second her
heirs and successors so help me God since the very first day he took office
the Liberals have been hard at work trying to ram through legislation that
will give the Liberal Party an unfair advantage in the 2019 election let’s
look at just a few examples first Trudeau tried to limit how much time he
has to spend answering questions in the House of Commons he actually wanted to
change the rules that he would only have to show up to work once a week then he
tried to manipulate the election financing rules to limit how much
opposition parties are allowed to spend in the lead-up to an election Trudeau
knows he can’t compete with the commitment of our conservative
supporters so he’s trying to win by changing the rules then in the last few
months Trudeau open the door to election fraud with his new election bill he’s
trying to bring back voter information cards as legitimate voter ID despite the
fact that tens of thousands of cards are regularly sent to people who don’t exist
duplicates to people have passed away even people have never had citizenship
each of these examples would be bad enough on their own
the Liberals have outdone themselves the president of one of the largest
unions in the country proudly stated he would be my worst nightmare in the next
election now Jerry Diaz this union leader
represents 15,000 journalists openly declaring war on me and the Official
Opposition on social media saying that they would do whatever it takes
spend whatever union dues they can to prevent me from becoming the Prime
Minister of Canada I’d like you to think about that for a moment even if you’re
not a conservative we can probably agree that this goes beyond the pale a union boss attacks me one week and the next those he represents are the beneficiaries of a
big liberal government announcement when I’ve been trying the Liberals are
trying to stack the deck against us this is what I’m talking about
and it’s unacceptable this payout is unacceptable this special panel is
unacceptable and the conduct of Justin Trudeau’s government is undeserving of
the office he holds everything I’ve just talked about we have all this working
against us but we have people like you supporting us Canadians from all walks
of life ones that are concerned about getting ahead not just getting by it’s
the Canadians that want to put people before government that want to take home
just a little more of their paycheck every week to help with the essentials
of living in an increasingly expensive world
the Liberals might have your tax dollars to spend anyway that helps them instead
of helping you they might have the pundits the academics and the connected
insiders but we have you I like those odds so please consider helping us
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