-Despite huge efforts
over a number of months and further intense
negotiations in recent days, we have not been able to secure
a deal to save our business. -Come to the airport, literally
just walked through the doors, and we got handed
this leaflet saying that
we haven’t got a flight and we haven’t got a holiday. There’s no holiday,
and we’ve got nothing. Well, we’d been saving up
for a year for this holiday, you know what I mean? And we’ve got nothing left. We’re gutted, absolutely gutted. -To be honest,
we found out today. -Yeah. -So, I heard a few things
on the radio yesterday about Thomas Cook, but I wasn’t
really listening, to be honest. -They should’ve e-mailed us
or, like, let you know. -There was no communication
about it whatsoever. Their website doesn’t say
anything whatsoever. -The Civil Aviation Authority
is focused on bringing back people
to the UK. That’s what our role is. In other countries in Europe, the regulator and the
governments will be responsible for the arrangements
in their areas. -I want to apologize
to my 21,000 colleagues, who I know will be heartbroken. You all fought so hard
to make Thomas Cook a success. Secondly, I would like to say
sorry to all our customers, those who are on holiday
with us now and those who have booked
with us in the coming months.