So what if you have a title loan here in
Georgia and you need to file bankruptcy and you’re trying to restructure your
debt. Can you include it? So this is an issue that has started to
come up over the last 24 months and it involves title loans now we hate title
loans they’re horrible you’re selling your soul to the devil basically but it
used to be you can file a chapter 13 bankruptcy and we could take that title
loan we could put it into the bankruptcy we can even cram down interest rates on
that that title loan well due to several cases that have come out over the last
year you can no longer do that in Georgia so if the title loan company
does not agree to be treated in the bankruptcy guess what they’re not and
they have the right to come and pick up the car so bankruptcy at chapter 13
bankruptcy when you’re restructuring your debt at least here in Georgia is
not going to help you if you have a title loan so you’re either going to
have to continue to pay or you need to make the decision to let that car go
back so if you are thinking about bankruptcy and you haven’t you know
taking a title loan yet please please please don’t they’re awful and now
bankruptcy is not going to be available at least a chapter 13 if you’re trying
to retain and restructure debt a title loan cannot be put in there unless the
creditor agrees and from what we’re seeing most of the title loan companies
are not agreeing and they’re either wanting that loan to be paid just
directly while the person is in the case or they want the car back if you ever
have any questions or concerns about anything in bankruptcy we’re always
happy to try to assist you can check out our website in the description below and
we’ll be happy to help