and then we have Michigan congresswoman Rasheeda Talib she’s a member of the squad asking Fed chair Powell bailout the city of Detroit please tell me more let’s hear what she said okay do you not believe that the governments of Detroit in Puerto Rico also play a vital role that should be preserved even if financial crisis makes it hard for them to borrow money I what I believe is that that’s not a job for the Fed it has a particular role in particular authorities and you know lending to state and local governments and and supporting them when they’re in bankruptcy yeah strongly disagree well the Fed bailed out were tarp bailed out the auto makers in Detroit GM and Chrysler as well as the banks everyone paid back that money and if you build up Detroit where do you stop there’s a lot of city struggling well it takes an act of Congress to do that yeah yeah she’s a member of Congress what’s she doing told me the phone good point oh well look and look Puerto Rico has had problems for decades it’s corruption all kinds of things that doesn’t have a good model look at futures please we’re gonna be up very nicely so 160 on the Dow we’ll be back with the opening bell after this