If I’m gonna get Connecticut growing again,
adding jobs and opportunities for people, I’ve got to get Connecticut moving again. Every business I talk to, “Why don’t you move
to Connecticut? Why don’t you expand in Connecticut?” Often gets back to gridlock on our roads. “I can’t get my employees to work. I can’t get our customers up to the office.” Well no longer are we gonna nervously look
at our watch when people say that, or chuck our shoes. We’re gonna say, “We are gonna speed up our
transportation system. We’re gonna bring our roads into the 21st
century. We’re gonna bring our rail service into the
21st century. We’re gonna integrate that with Bradley Airport
and our other airports, making it easier to get in and out of Connecticut.” That’s how we get this state moving again. And it’s so important that we have a recurring
source of revenue we need to pay for this. Look, the federal government is about to put
in place a major infrastructure bill. I want to make sure Connecticut is at the
front of the line with plans to get our state moving again and how we’re gonna pay for it. Let’s stand up and get this state growing