(soft music) – Today I wanna share with you the three most valuable things I learned on my budgeting journey. One is awareness. Two is giving yourself
permission to do it your way. And three, how I went from monthly budget to a paycheck budget. Awareness. I didn’t realize how important
tracking my spending was. And in fact, I didn’t
even start doing this, being dedicated to it, I would say probably until my third or fourth year of budgeting. And that’s when I really started seeing these big a-ha moments,
life-changing things. It’s really easy to get caught up in thinking that the budget that we have already
established in our lives, and if we’ve never created a budget, that we’re stuck. That it is the way it is. We have to pay the bills we have to pay, they’re like clockwork,
we don’t have a choice. But after I started tracking my spending, I realize one, I was creating
a budget to create a budget. I was writing down numbers
that I wanted to spend, not based on what I
realistically was spending, and that was huge. Going from creating a budget
to creating a realistic budget, which is completely two different things. So awareness was a lot. I was able to cut down my spending, identify spending triggers, problem areas. I was able to do investigative
work and decrease my bills that a lot of people
feel they have to pay. You may have to pay them, but you don’t have to pay
what you think you do. Another big thing on my
budgeting journey that I learned was that it’s okay to do it my own way. For a long time, I felt like I was failing because I was going against
what the finance experts, or the examples I saw online, or what people were telling me to do, that I needed this percentage
to go to housing and food, or I should be only spending
this much on my family for food or I should be doing monthly only. And with that, I felt a lot of time I’d try and try, and
I’d fail and I’d fail. And what I quickly
realized is that a budget is the most personal thing
you will ever create. And that’s the bottom line. There are no two lives in this world that are exactly the same, and your budget should not
look the same as others’. And that was a really
big game changer for me. The last thing that I’ve learned, the biggest thing with budgeting, is probably when I switched
from a monthly budgeting system to a paycheck budgeting system. For some reason, in my mind, it does not register, it doesn’t make sense for me
to manage my money monthly. And I fought that for a very long time. So when I started budgeting my money every single time I got paid, I’ve started seeing signs of success. So it’s learning about
what budgeting schedule works for you and then rolling it and tweaking it as you go along. (soft music)