Hey YouTube, how’s it goin? If you’re new to my channel, welcome, and
to my loyal followers, welcome back! Today I wanted to share with you some common
texting mistakes that men make with women. These are the top four, most common, texting
oopsies that I see happening far too often. So let’s dig into what they are and some
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as I can. Quick question, when you get a girl’s phone
number, do you call or text her right away or do you wait a few days? Take the poll and let’s see what everyone
is really up to! 1. The 3-Day Rule: Something that I see far too often on the
dating scene is the dreaded 3-day rule. That is when you get a girl’s phone number
and wait three days to text her. Why this is a problem is because, if you have
just gotten a girl’s phone number after one meeting, then it’s unrealistic to think
that that one interaction had the staying power to make a woman keep thinking about
you. By day two, she has probably filed you away
in her swing and a miss pile or she knows that you’re playing the 3-day rule because
it’s been around for so long. A good rule of thumb is to wait no more than
a day. You’re trying to build attraction and you
need to build on your momentum. That is why waiting three days leaves too
much space for her to move on. 2. The Bore: The second mistake that I see all too often
is the boring, meaningless text. That is the, “sup?” “How’s it hangin?” those type of texts that don’t really light
a fire under anyone’s butt to respond and are, quite frankly, pretty useless in building
attraction. This is the equivalent to the people that
are uncomfortable in awkward silences and have to fill it with nonsense. The solution to this is to text when you feel
like it and to try and come up with something that will draw her in. You want a conversation hook. One way to do that is you could say, “Did
I see you at the New Youths show last night at Element?” Even if you didn’t see her, this way you
can open up a conversation about your night, and even your music taste. This is a subtle way to bypass the hi-how-are-you
line of texting and jump right into your interests ie. Taste in music. If you want to learn a little bit more about
texting and building attraction, head over to katespring.com/free and get a copy of my
attraction building handbook, which is completely free if you didn’t already catch that! 3. The destitute dude: The destitute dude is the needy guy who continues
to text when his previous texts have gone unanswered. This is not a good look for a man or woman. It comes off too strong. It’s like having someone breathing down
your neck. And it does not lead to attraction. It leads to ghosting. I’ll never forget the time I went on a date
with a man and what happened after. The date went really well, at first, I was
attracted to him, we had the same interests, he was charming, and funny. Pretty much everything that you’d want out
of a first date. After the date, I was really excited to see
him again until he messaged me directly after the date probably 7 times saying how much
he enjoyed himself and he was trying to make plans with me 2 months in advance. I was quite turned off at this point. It felt like he wanted to skip the dating
and wooing part of courtship and just fast forward into a long-term relationship. Not only was he texting me no-stop, but he
was also planning out future together after one date! Suffice it to say that I did not see him again
and that the incessant texting didn’t stop for quite some time after. Don’t be that guy. One way to combat this is to follow the 2:1
ratio. For every two text messages you send, do not
respond until she has replied. This way you don’t come off too strong. And the second thing to do is to wait approximately
the same time that she took to respond. Yes, this is a game, but at the beginning
of any relationship it’s important to keep the power in a state of balance. And not show your eagerness or desperation. That will kill any chance you have at building
some intense attraction with a woman. 4. The Show Off: Alright, our fourth and final no-no in texting
is showing off over text. Because tone is very hard to convey over text,
I wouldn’t try and take the douchey-joke approach because that can, and usually does,
come off at just being an ass. Your first few messages should not include
the following: – A picture of your monthly income. Don’t send a picture of your paycheck. – A picture of yourself in boxers holding
your junk in the bathroom mirror. – A picture of your boner holding a towel. – A picture of just your boner. All of these are big no-no’s! And they have been sent before. I’m a fan of sexting, but with the right
lead up. It should be a consensual thing. Sending a dick pic is always sketchy when
you’re not in a relationship. So hold off and test the waters. Instead, try sending funny memes and gifs. Or pictures of you on a hike that day. Regardless if you’re looking for something
long term with a girl or just something casual, women still like a little bit of romance,
and the dick pic is not the modern day equivalent to a love poem. Alright, YouTube, that’s all I’ve got
for you today! I hope you learned some valuable tips! Please don’t forget to subscribe and ring
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