If you’re thinking about being a trustee there are three basic things you need to think about The first I would say is
commitment and contribution I think people have to know that whatever skills
and experience they bring they are able to give the time and commitment and
motivation to that course to be able to be effective. The second thing will be
the skills and experience that are really going to add a value. So do the
skills and experience you’ll bring personally, be brought to bear to
support the organisation’s development over the next three to five years. Final thing would be around to the style and behaviours that are supportive and
helpful. can you as an individual undertake the full range of responsibilities not just the individual specialty skills and experience that you
bring. Can you see the big picture? Can you assimilate a range of information
and make a contribution that’s broader and strategic than your own you know
comfort zone the skills and experience So it’s listening skills, it’s effective
communication and it’s knowing when to give your view and when not