hey what’s going on what’s going on
coin-op TV subscribers Robert Welkner here happy 2018 it’s been a while since
I’ve actually done a video talking straight up to the camera because I’ve
had some issues with YouTube and it’s kind of slowing me down but I thought
I’d kind of try and jump back in the game and make some videos this week and
see what happens and test the water and you know do a few different types of
videos some gameplays some on location stuff some chatter chatter with you guys
here so that’s the the reason for the delay and the reason why I’m making this
video so to test the water so the reason for this video though is because we
found out today that Toys R Us is officially going to be closed and down
over a hundred and eighty stores in the US this is as a result of the chapter 11
bankruptcy claim that they put in mid last year I forgot what month that was
something was like April of June or something like that we’re all sort of
wondering hey what’s gonna happen with Toys R Us stores I know as a toy
collector as a video gamer as hobbyists as enthusiasts as a guy who just likes
to walk around as a big giant store that looks massive and cool with a lot of
pretty things and fun things to look at play with Toys R Us is always a great
destination for that and obviously as a Skylanders portal master guy going to
Toys R Us and toy hunting was a thing that was was pretty active I don’t go to
Toys R Us quite as much now because I’m not you know Skylanders to collect and
I’ve slowed down on my amiibo collecting but I’m sure a lot of you you know poor
masters out there or other toy collectors are hearing about this news
and are sort of bumming so let me sort of read a little bit of the information
here off of CNN’s website so CNN says Toys R Us plans to close more than 180
stores in the US it says here the troubled retailer which declared
bankruptcy in September is looking a September 2017 is looking to close down
as many as 182 outlets across the country according to a court filing
today today is of course January 24th 2018 it says in the article
over nearly seven decades in the business towards us is built up 1600
stores around the world about 880 of them are in the US the planned closure
which needs court approval are expected to begin early next month so I guess
that would be February and the CEO de Brendan said this in a message posted to
his website kind of with the updates there from the CNN article the actions
we are taking are necessary to give us the best chance to emerge from our
bankruptcy proceeding as a more viable and competitive and more viable and
competitive he says much of the problem in traditional brick-and-mortar stores
was because of a shift by consumers to buy more goods online foot traffic in
stores fell eight percent last year according to fun which is a different
person not the CEO finally it says but the problem at Toys R Us predate the
growth of online shopping it suffered from fierce competition and lost market
shares to fellow big-box retailers like Walmart and Target it has nearly lost
2.5 billion since lits last reported an annual profit five years ago which is
left at reeling under five billion in debt so there’s just some excerpts there
from the CNN article and like I said in the beginning here you know this
definitely hits hits your heart you know like when we found out about the
bankruptcy we were kind of thinking well you know maybe toys are so be okay you
know the they can make it happen but now we’re finding out that it looks
like the next phase is happening now if you don’t know much about bankruptcy
there’s different bankruptcy claims you can put on a company can claim like
chapter 7 bankruptcy I think it is and actually go out of business liquidate
the stores go out of business chapter 11 bankruptcy which what tours or US is in
is sort of another way to go about bankruptcy where they just kind of need
to get rid of redundancies and and and close up a lot of stores and
yup a lot of money so that they could sort of get some government men relief
and get there get themselves back in order I think it’s going to take drastic
changes though because one when you go to Toys R a store nobody knows in there
what were the majority of people in there the employees have no idea where
any what things are where they are what they’re called the education system of
tauros employees at least in my experience in Los Angeles California and
New York City in places I live in San Diego you just feel like you’re going in
there and there’s like no help you go up to customer service nobody knows
anything they can’t figure out how to find anything they don’t know what
anything’s called even with a computer and a directory in front of them I think
that’s something that needs to change there needs to be better infrastructure
there with the education and the knowledge and and just being able to
scan things and figure out what things are and you know if you have that
computer and the database in front of there that would be something to change
also I guess the stores maybe should be smaller or chopped in half or something
because there is towards our stores a huge and you know that’s a lot of energy
and you know services and things like that involved and if there’s a financial
crisis of course we want to you know shrink down the stores you know not only
killing off a bunch of stores but the stores that are left maybe making them
smaller chopping them in half selling off you know storage for other things or
something like that I’m not quite sure how that would work I have actually a
list from USA TODAY’s website and I’ll put links to this in the description
below which gives a listing of the stores that they know about that are
closing they’re there I won’t read them all off but like we got an Alabama
Arizona a lot an Arizona looks like about six stores Arkansas looks like one
store California looks like a lot of stores I’m skimming through the list
here looks like about 20 stores in California but I’m not seeing any and
there’s a couple stores near me at Toys R Us near me I’m not seeing any of those
on the list so I guess I should be okay with the ones immediately near me but
there’s a couple like in the valley and and torn sit other places in San Diego
and Mira Mesa that I’ve been to many at times it’ll be closed in Colorado it’s
got one Connecticut’s got a few Delaware Florida has got a bun
George’s got a bunch Indiana’s got a couple Iowa he’s got a couple of
Illinois’s Kansas Kentucky the list goes on and on you can again I’ll put the
link in the description below to this USA Today so you can article so you can
look and see if your toys-r-us is closing I’m sad I’m bummed it wasn’t
really my intention to come back and make a video talking about sort of bad
news but you know hey there could be some some good news at the light at the
end of tunnel here if you have a toy source that’s closing chances are
there’s gonna be big giant clearance sales going out of store sales so keep
an eye on things and figure out like hey you know if maybe there’s some toys and
some stock that you had your eye on that might have been too expensive and
toys-r-us money you know those closing closing up might be an option for you to
take advantage of some of those prices if you’re speaking of prices towards us
also needs to they need to price match more I do believe that price match
things online amazon stuff like that but some of their pricing can be a little a
little strange mean as a Skylander and amiibo collector it seems like whenever
you go to Toys R Us always like a dollar to more and granted that sort of offsets
with sales and you know buy two get one discount or something like that but
Brite pricing also so I’ll be curious to sort of see what happens with Toys R Us
let me know in the comments below what your thoughts off your sad if you’re
bumming if you’re gonna go to Toys R Us this week check it out walk around look
at some things take some pictures you know find out if yours is on the closure
list or not it’s not the end of the world towards R Us you know it’s gone
away they’re just closing a bunch of stores in a way to revamp so do their
their business model they’re in their business plan recently I’m a big fan of
Souplantation I got a lot of Souplantation stores and this is
something also that’s been going on Souplantation they’ve had like a
bankruptcy thing that they’ve been going through and they’ve closing up a lot of
stores but a lot a lot of restaurants but a lot of them are still remaining so
it was it was weird I went to one of my soup plantation sounds like I’ll let me
go grab lunch grab a bite boom closed unexpectedly and a lot of lot of those
closed also but there are some that are still open or lot
and I still I still get to go there so let me know what you guys think if you
want to see more of me chat with you like this one-on-one on YouTube let me
know try to do some live streaming but apparently the software that I’m using
is not compatible with High Sierra so that’s why I recorded this video and no
laughs stream but because I want to show you some graphics so I was a little
bummed about that but anyway making videos testing the waters we’ll see what
happens with YouTube shoutouts are the independent YouTube channels out there
that are too you know struggling trying to get them views then watch times I’m
struggling to to get views watch time subscribers and all that as well so I
feel your pain the Golden Age is behind us YouTube sort of went with the the
prank channels over the gaming channels and look where that got them so shame on
us shame on them for for that we’ll see how things go in 2018 maybe I’ll be back
again soon with another video thanks a bunch for watching for coin-op TV we’ll
see you next time