Motley Crue vocalist Vince Neil couldn’t have
known what was in store for him when he started out with the band in 1981. Since rising to stardom, he’s certainly done
his part to promote the rock star lifestyle with plenty of drugs and booze included. Here are tragic details of Vince Neil’s life
story. No parent wishes to live long enough to bury
their child, but Vince Neil has been forced to face this ultimate tragedy. The singer lost his 4-year-old daughter Skylar
in 1995, when Neil himself was only 34. Young Skylar was diagnosed with Wilms’ tumor,
a form of kidney cancer, at a time when Neil was just coming back from a number of other
personal and professional misfortunes. She had to go through extensive chemotherapy,
radiation treatments and six operations, none of which were enough to save her life. Skylar Neil passed away on August 15, 1995,
and the tragedy left Neil absolutely devastated. He later said of the nightmarish experience, While Skylar was still fighting for her life,
Neil wrote a track called “Skylar’s Song” in her honor. Neil later included “Skylar’s Song” on his
solo album, Carved in Stone, and announced that he would donate all the proceeds of the
song to charity. The singer also set up the Skylar Neil Memorial
Fund, which has since raised millions for children’s cancer research. Members of Motley Crue are well known for
being fairly dangerous types offstage, but it seems Vince Neil is all too happy to bring
some of that danger to the workplace, too. One soundman named Michael Talbert reportedly
found this out the hard way when Neil attacked him in the middle of the concert and actually
punched him out. The soundman said that during a solo concert
in October 2004, Neil suddenly ran at him while he was looking at his monitor. The singer first tried to kick him, and when
the initial attack missed, Neil resorted to punching — and knocked the poor soundman
out cold for a good 45 seconds. The police report attached to the arrest warrant
says the attack appeared to be motivated by the soundman not turning the guitars up high
enough to Neil’s immediate approval. The musician had apparently motioned to Talbert
for more guitar volume, but as the man was making adjustments, Neil unexpectedly ran
across the stage, leaped onto the soundboard, and attacked. This curious form of not-so-constructive criticism
may have played a part in the subsequent cancellation of the singer’s planned U.K. tour. “Hey, hey, hey, wow! Warm. That’s it — done.” On December 8, 1984, Vince Neil’s passion
for fast cars and mind-altering substances led to a disaster. That night, Motley Crue was in the middle
of an epic drinking binge with members of Hanoi Rocks, an up-and-coming Finnish band,
when they suddenly realized they needed more alcohol. Neil was drunk already, but volunteered to
make a quick booze run, and Hanoi Rocks drummer Nicholas “Razzle” Dingley decided to accompany
the singer to the liquor store. It was a fatal mistake. Neil tried to go around a fire truck and ended
up losing control of his sports car and slamming into on-coming traffic. Neil escaped with cracked ribs and minor cuts,
but two other drivers on the road were severely injured. Meanwhile, Dingley was pronounced dead on
arrival at the hospital. For his part in the lethal incident, Neil
got away with barely a slap on the wrist. He received 30 days in jail, of which he only
served 15, five years of probation, and 200 hours of community service. He also had to pay $2.6 million to the people
he had injured. But while his legal consequences were light,
his peers never forgot what he did. Hanoi Rocks guitarist Andy McCoy says Neil
has never apologized for the incident, and Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider has gone even
further in expressing his disdain, questioning how Neil was able to walk free after, quote,
“literally kill[ing] someone.” You’d be forgiven for thinking that any marriage
to a guy as volatile as the Motley Crue front man is doomed to fail, because history shows
that you’d be absolutely right. Vince Neil has been married and divorced four
times over the years. However, he seems to be aware of his less
than stellar track record because he has promised himself that he’ll never get hitched again. So what exactly keeps causing Neil’s marriages
to fail? The man himself has only spoken vaguely about
the subject, but his ex-wives don’t necessarily share that tendency. Neil’s autobiography, Tattoos and Tequila,
includes interviews from all of the singer’s former spouses. When Neil abstains from going into the particulars
of a divorce, he’s swiftly countered by an interview with an ex, who is usually all too
happy to point out that the singer’s constant cheating with groupies contributed to the
marriages falling apart. Whether he’s winning Academy Awards or screaming
about bees in B-movies, you can always count on Nicolas Cage to be interesting. Sometimes, this involves fighting Vince Neil
to submission. Reportedly, Cage and Neil were hanging out
at the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas in 2016 when a fan approached the pair and asked for Cage’s
autograph. For reasons known only to him, Neil took affront
to this and dragged the fan to the ground by her hair. Cage understandably did not care for such
behavior, and the situation escalated. A heated altercation between a famous actor
and a famous singer on the Las Vegas strip? Yeah, there were plenty of cameras rolling. The footage of the end of the situation didn’t
make Neil look too good, as Cage easily restrained the stumbling singer while screaming at him
in front of many onlookers. The incident ended with Neil in legal hot
water for misdemeanor battery. The musician eventually pleaded guilty and
agreed to a deal that helped him avoid prison time and get away with a mere six months of
probation and a $1,000 fine. Being in an ultra-successful rock band seems
like a lucrative gig, but nothing can save you if you’re bad at managing your money. Vince Neil is one of the many celebrities
who have been unable to hang on to their considerable riches. Perhaps his lowest financial point came in
2005, when he had to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy after amassing a hefty $1.5 million in assorted
debts. Then again, some would say that the lowest
point actually came five years later, when the attorney who had taken care of said bankruptcy
proceedings sued Neil because the singer had failed to pay $16,000 in fees. Though Motley Crue’s reunion and career revival
has seemed to keep the money coming in, Neil still appears to have a habit of neglecting
his legal bills. In 2018, the singer’s legal team threatened
to drop him due to $190,000 of legal fees that he reportedly refused to pay … despite
the fact that the legal team was still representing Neil in an ongoing assault case. Members of Motley Crue have been known to
lay their hands on the occasional lady, but Vince Neil’s hands may not always be intended
for loving. Although he has yet to face a charge that
truly sticks, multiple lawsuits have alleged that Neil is not above getting physical in
a very wrong way. In 2003, Neil faced charges for allegedly
battering a prostitute at Nevada’s famed legal brothel, Moonlite Bunny Ranch. Neil pleaded no contest to the ensuing misdemeanor
battery charge and was ordered to pay a $1,000 fine and take anger management classes. According to the civil lawsuit later filed
by the woman, she told Neil he needed to pay $4,000 to have sex with her and another Bunny
Ranch worker. Neil allegedly reacted by grabbing her by
the neck, pushing her against a windowsill, and then pulling her to the floor. Whether Neil ever attended those anger management
classes or not, it looks like their effects may not have been all that lasting. In a later incident in 2011, the singer’s
ex-girlfriend Alicia Jacobs filed a battery charge against Neil after an alleged incident
of domestic violence left her with visible bruises. Neil was charged with disorderly conduct and
battery domestic violence, but ultimately got the more serious domestic battery charge
dropped after pleading guilty to disorderly conduct, and coughing up another $1,000 fine. VInce Neil doesn’t talk about drugs as much
as bandmate Nikki Sixx, but that doesn’t mean he’s a lightweight. Quite the opposite, in fact: Neil has said
he was heavily into drugs before Motley Crue even existed. His early cocaine habit was reportedly so
severe that when the band was playing club gigs and taking its first baby steps, the
rest of the Crue actually stepped in and forced Neil to stop shooting so much coke. You heard that right not snorting coke, but
the much, much more dangerous method of injecting the drug intravenously. “Our road manager told our managers if you
send these guys to Europe, one of them’s going to come back in a body bag.” Still, clean living was not the Motley Crue
way. Neil says he tried to straighten himself out
a few times, but the rock band environment was not exactly conducive to sobriety. While the vocalist has always been critical
of rehab programs, of which he has attended many, he says he finally managed to kick drugs
at the turn of the millennium. The singer does have other vices, of course. Neil hints in the interview that he might
have a fairly unhealthy relationship with gambling and says he has not given up drinking. All in all, alcohol might be the vice he has
the hardest time kicking. Vince Neil has been described by The AV Club
as “rock’s most infamous drunk driver,” and with good reason. His most famous and tragic drunk driving incident
is the aforementioned 1984 crash that killed Nicholas “Razzle” Dingley, but even that notorious
episode did little to scare Neil straight. He was arrested for drunk driving in 2007,
when the Las Vegas police became suspicious of the less-than-controlled maneuvers he was
pulling in his Ferrari. However, he managed to cut a deal with the
prosecution and pleaded no contest to a reckless driving charge to avoid the DUI. Even that was not enough for Neil, and in
2010, he was once again arrested for the same reason, in the same city, and this time with
the added suspicion of breaking a fan’s camera before stepping behind the wheel. In fact, just days earlier, he was promoting
his autobiography and saying he had quit both drugs and alcohol for good. The singer couldn’t avoid pleading guilty
to a misdemeanor DUI, and was given two weeks of jail time and two weeks of house arrest. It should come as no surprise that Vince Neil
has a sex tape out there. Neil’s foray into the amateur adult genre
was actually a semi-pro effort, as it features adult film star Janine Lindemulder as well
as a woman called Brandy Sanders, who Neil says was responsible for selling the video
in 1999. Evidently, her plan backfired quite badly. According to Neil, Sanders eventually had
to change her name multiple times to distance herself from the tape. Neil himself seems to have made his peace
with the movie’s existence. His attitude is that since he can’t really
do anything about it, there’s no point in fighting it there was, quote, “a lot of wine”
involved, and things went as they went. However, he does admit that telling his wife
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