Third Party Liability occurs when someone
else, such as an individual, organization, or business, may have been responsible for
your injury or illness. When this is the case, that party’s insurer
may be liable for paying your health insurance claims. TRICARE For Life uses the Third Party
Liability For to determine whether someone else might be responsible for claim. If this happens, the government can recover
money paid by TRICARE For Life for your medical care. This helps to keep costs of your health care down. You will typically be notified through the
mail when this form is required. In the event you lose or misplace the form,
you can access another one at, in the contact us tab under forms. If you do receive a request to fill out and
return the third party liability form, it is imperative you return it within 35 days. If you don’t, it may result in your claim
being denied. If you have more questions about third party
liability you can contact TRICARE For Life customer service online at or
by phone at 1-866-773-0404.