AN 18 WHEELER, AND FINDING YOURSELF IN ANOTHER COUNTRY. EXPERIENCING PLACES WHERE CHILDREN ARE LIVING THROUGH WAR, POVERTY, AND REAL HARDSHIP. NEW’S 13’S REBECCA ATKINS GOT AN INSIDE LOOK. REBECCA. DEAN, THAT TRUCK, IS HERE IN ALBUQUERQUE AND IT’S A HANDS ON EXPERIENCE THAT MOVES PEOPLE TO TEARS. TAKING YOU INSIDE THE DAY AND LIFE OF CHILDREN STRUGGLING TO GET BY. 21:54 “The kids that young, it kind of broke my heart.” 21:57 IT’S AN EXPERIENCE LIKE NONE OTHER. 19:11 “It was very very moving.” 19:13 PEOPLE IN THE COMMUNITY TOUCHED BY IMAGES AND STORIES THEY HEARD TODAY, INSIDE THE WORLD VISION TRUCK EXPERIENCE. 14:49 “We’re taking people into the lives of children that live in Bangladesh, in Syrian refugee communities and Uganda.” 14:56 THE TRUCKS LAST STOP, DALLAS. AND NOW, THIS IS THE FIRST TIME IT’S EVER COME TO ALBUQUERQUE. 16:13 “It’s so easy to be overwhelmed with what’s going on in the world.” 16:15 AND THAT’S WHY THE PASTOR AT FELLOWSHIP MISSIONARY BAPTIST, WAS GLAD THIS BUS STOPPED HERE. 2:27 “One of the things that World Vision and I have partnered to do together is to help eliviate some of the poverty so that these children won’t have to live in that kind of experience.” 2:35 ONCE INSIDE THE TRUCK, YOU TRAVEL THROUGH THREE DIFFERENT COUNTRIES. WEARING HEADSETS TO NARRATE THE STORIES. 8:01 “Entering into a brothel in Bangladesh.” 8:05 FROM THERE, YOU’LL SEE A YOUNG BOY FROM SYRIA. SEE HIS LIVING QUARTERS. 2:57 “You’ll be introduced into his daily life, and he sells tissues, and Kleenex to make enough money to provide for his family.” 3:04 AND THE NEXT STOP, IS UGANDA. 10:56 “they start to tap on the drum.”10:59 ‘ WHERE A CHILD WAS KIDNAPPED AND USED FOR SACRAFICE. 21:13 “I didn’t realize a lot of this stuff was going on.” 21:15 MANY PEOPLE IN SHOCK BY THESE TRUE STORIES. AT THEN END THEY CAN TAKE A MOMENT… TO REFLECT, OR SAY A PRAYER. 18:52 “We haven’t seen anything in this country that will be anywhere equal to what they experience every single day of their lives.” 19:05 HELPING PEOPLE REALIZE WHAT’S HAPPENING IN THE WORLD AROUND THEM. THE HOPE IS FOR PEOPLE TO SPONSOR THESE CHILDREN, THROUGH THE CHALLENGES THEY FACE. DEAN BACK TO YOU. OKAY REBECCA. THE TRUCK HAS BEEN HERE SINCE THURSDAY, THE LAST DAY OF TOURS WILL BE TOMORROW, FROM 9 TO TWO IN THE PARKING LOT OF THE FELLOWSHIP BAPTIST CHURCH NEAR UNSER AND CENTRAL.