there’s a million clips about how you
know everybody talking about the trump debates on the skip all that but uh… i
do want to give you trump talking about how mit romney turns dot that surplus member what do you make of that net saying now was a little bit surprised because as
you know he’s come up to see me and we’ve had lots of conversations he was
trying to respond but i can also understand that he’s under a
lot of pressure and i can understand it but i was a little bit surprised i
really thought he would have said do you know let’s go and unfortunately i guess for him in his
group he’s doing that so well in the polls he started the eight-man its first album
so but is there going to run well over
separated a really really was fine who can’t stand this guy who watches
this guy for a longer for a second evinced by really like this that and that’s the thing right bike jr faces at me like you want to
show and he’s kind of if you don’t write sears also tyree guesses anybody who
thinks like i really liked rom but they’re like trump fans in the world some others it’s amazing how i’ve i’ve asked myself
that question the one st so anything lawyer he’s an
asshole but first off his return saucony after the
recess also people care about prisoners on the someone in the worst of the people who do have
it and don’t have a lot of the two of you to step on and do whatever it is
trying to do uses like yet i have met again i because there is
is that we the rich worship going on with complex all different ralph reid
only wanted to know that’s why they buy spots reading about
the cause is like allied editors elliott dollars on the
price for the government of israel you know that that i’ve ever in my head
dollars that carries soulful a crap in fact yokum would last about as bankruptcies
and this is a farm club value set in the past and and why don’t
they get it right we never forget it slide and when you’re
in your darkest days provided was everything coming out of bankruptcy that you’ve you’ve never forgot that i
know in bankruptcy well on the brink lindsey and i have mail and everyone bankrupt okay but you
will celebrate their anniversary here on the bright but i’ll tell you that you
never went bankrupt okay but but but i never went bankrupt
ok book-to-bill room here all right outside in all seriousness and
we have to change no no i had just it’s just so incorrectly reported that summit an hour an hour but never deliver indictment grass requested here’s a pic
of that will like so now here’s a reality adult rafters
from greg reporter dot dot dot dot dot dot he says no as some bankrupt it was my companies that went bankrupt
i’ve personally never went bankrupt cuz i wonder if the money out of there
anyway indecisive for rich people it’s not bankruptcy it’s
debt restructuring okay win you lose all your money are you
poor bankrupt slow a bit obscure and travel is all the money he’s just
restructuring is that what uh… how long do you think it’s
gonna take for commuters vision of policy dream about uh… delights six hours reformer here you know i bet it does it cover like san
diego met all of it yeah you know me i can’t stand career i
i probably this like a little more than i like disliked rob right but i don’t i don’t think there’s a guy
who’s going to back down on that because he still right he he’s not even likely soft-pedaled he
said you’re on the brink you on the brink he was on the brink u_s_ way over
the break the way the troubles me most was monies
doing two things one in all these restructurings he always the banks so
much money that he says well you gotta pay me off inorder restructure the debt
so you think that doesn’t mean you sense right but it if this is all proper if
you owe the bank a little bit of money your inner world of trouble if you owe the bank a lot of money the
banks of the world intro ok because that then he says all well i could walk out
on this ten billion dollars or whatever it might be right what did you want anything bernie it
won’t get any better than what i say and then he was of ps i think some money
on that and other treated donald trump does is all year that company went bankrupt
but now i’ve got a new company that i’m doing at that i’m taking public and people go on and on trial for murder
by stock and at that time is right deserve a marriage they all buy stock in them pace himself a ton of money from that
company as an executive there and then when the company goes on a goof up a
stoppers that you’re prob not my problem and the third way that he makes money is
is he simply salesman a lot of the buildings that have is that have his
name on it are killed by him at all easel loser who would have baghdad build a
building identified biography in essence four times so what they do is they just by his name they build a building they actually
build a business model that works they stick his name on it as people as they are put out a really
hard copies rather strong so that building that’s that’s all he’s got his senses
the marketing book that you know what the democratic user data market right otherwise he’s a buffoon