As it stands right now in the United States,
we no longer even have an acting secretary of defense and this could not come at a worse
time as the United States continues to beat the drums of war against Iran. But yesterday it was announced that Patrick
Shanahan, the former Boeing executive, who Donald Trump had nominated to be the new secretary
of defense. He was currently the acting secretary of defense,
but it was announced that Shanahan said, aw, you know what? I appreciate it. I’m going to withdraw my name. I want to go spend more time with my family. And to be honest, that’s probably the worst
decision this man could make based on his history. See, the real reason Shanahan withdrew his
nomination is not because he wants to go spend time with his family. It’s because court records in police records
that were recently uncovered showed that he has beaten the shit out of his family in the
past in 2010. Again, according to police records and court
records, it was revealed that Shanahan being his wife, who is now currently as ex wife. Then, uh, just a few, actually one year after
that, one year after that, this same now ex wife who was allegedly beaten by Shanahan
according to the evidence, um, their son took a baseball bat and beat the hell out of the,
uh, mom out of Shanahan’s wife now ex wife and Shanahan. Defended the sun. Yeah. I know. He took a baseball bat tour. That story actually emerge yesterday, by the
way, the same day Shanahan suddenly decides I need to go spend more time with my family. Yeah. Maybe you should to make sure they’re not
beating people with baseball bats you a psychopath. This isn’t normal behavior, but here’s the
thing. Trump understood that this was out there. At least the, uh, 2010 incident were Shanahan
allegedly punched his wife in the stomach during an argument. No charges were filed in that instance. And then a year later, the sun beats the hell
out of the mom with a baseball bat. Yeah. That’s exactly the kind of psycho we want
running the Department of Defense. And what gets me too is that the stories on
this or that Republicans were, were shocked that suddenly, oh, we don’t have a secretary
of defense. Oh my God, I don’t know what to do. I didn’t know he was withdrawing. I’ve only heard, you know, kind of rumors
about all these allegations. You got people like Lindsay Graham and Jim
Inhofe saying that like, ah, I’d heard rumors. You don’t have to hear rumors. You guys could actually go and look at the
police records in the court records and see what this man and his son have done to that
poor woman. That’s the kind of person he is, and that’s
the kind of person he raised. That’s the sickest part of it. It’s bad to be a wife beater yourself, but
to pass on that trait to teach your son that, that’s okay. And then defend him when he does it with what
could be a deadly weapon. That’s about the lowest of the low. But again, pretty much what we’ve come to
expect from the Trump administration.