Trustee eviction actions. Can you eject somebody from real estate, or
a condo that a trust owns. Hello, my name is John Pankauski I’m a trust
litigation attorney in West Palm Beach, Florida. You know many times, even though we are not
land lord or tenet attorneys eviction attorneys, we have to file eviction notices on behalf
of trustees or beneficiaries. Why? Because some real estate like a condo or a
house is owned by a Florida Trust and somebody is in it and they wont leave. In that case the trustee has to file an eviction
action or some kind of ejectment action to get that person, that hold over maybe a tenet,
maybe a family member out of the condo. If you want to read more about Florida Trust
lawsuits involving eviction actions there is a March 7th 2018 Florida appellate case
a written opinion from Miami court of appeals its what we call the 3rd District Court of
Appeal. It’s the Mesnikoff vs. FQ Backyard Trading
LLC. You can read all about this revocable trust
that became irrevocable upon the trust creators death. Its about the sale of a condominium and about
someone who would not vacate that condominium and what the trustees did. You can go to the 3rd District Court of Appeal
website, click on opinions, scroll down the the date March 7th 2018.