I went to school in Carson City, and when
I graduated from high school, you know, I I had wanted to see the world and so I
ended up joining the military. I was 17 and I joined the Army and I became a
paratrooper, and it was just, it was an exciting time. I mean I got to see the
the military in action, got to help, you know, other countries rebuild.
I came back to Reno and went to UNR you know proud graduate of the
UNR Reynolds School of Journalism. I ran for the School Board in 2008 and won
District D which is Northwest Reno, and I served for four years. For the School
Board at that time it was getting the School District through the recession
without laying off teachers and maintaining resources to the
programs and the schools. School Board meetings are important, but I’ve truly
loved getting out into the schools and now, you know, meeting the principals,
walking with them into different classrooms, and seeing the teaching,
because that’s really where the magic is. I mean, you know, seeing a great teacher
in front of a classroom, lots of eager students, and watching them learn and
that’s just, that’s the best thing about public education. I’m married to Brooke
Westlake Kelly and our son is now in second grade. I get to hear from his
perspective how education is going, what he likes about school, what he doesn’t
like about school, and it’s a unique perspective. It’s one that I
didn’t have my first term on the school board but that I’m happy to have now.
We’re pretty cutting-edge when it comes to using technology and using innovative
ways to teach. It’s important because again, having a son, I mean, he’s already
more technically savvy than I was when I was a teenager,
and he’s only seven years old. You know, him and his buddies they know how to use, iPhones, iPads, they know about computers. I think that some of the big
issues, certainly one of them is overcrowding and I love that
the citizens voted for WC-one to give us the funding to relieve overcrowding
and build new schools. We’ve got some elementary schools that are being
planned now, one in the North Valleys and one in Southern
Reno, and of course, I’m really interested in the one in Southern Reno because two
of my elementary schools, Brown Elementary and Double Diamond, you know, are
very overcrowded, and it’ll be really great to see a school built in between
where it can help to alleviate some of that overcrowding. And I know the
community is really excited about it. The school district does for the most
part a great job at teaching students, and for the most part students, as they
walk out the door after getting their diploma, they’ve got the tools that they
need to go in the military, go to college, maybe even start up their own business.
Something I want the community to know is that the School Board, you know, we
seem to be becoming a very cohesive team, we’re learning to work together as a
team for the greater good of the District. What can we improve, and what
kind of schools and programs can we get resources to, to really make that
education better? And that’s something that we’re all passionate about, and I
think it’s gonna go well in the years ahead.