We are continuing our activities in Idlib
to a limited extent because we want common sense and peace to solve the problem. To this
end, we have tried and worked to effectively operate diplomacy channels until the very
last moment. We have repeatedly emphasized the importance of the topic for our country
to our interlocutors at every level we are confronted with for this purpose. However,
we have seen that our desires are misunderstood. Starting on February 27th, when we made our
34 soldiers martyrs, we have designed our operations extensively to target all elements
of the regime. We called this operation Spring Shield Operation. What we are aiming for with
Operation Euphrates Shield, Operation Olive Branch and Operation Peace Spring, we are
pursuing the same purpose with this operation. We are no longer determined to have our borders
surrounded by terrorist organizations and a cruel regime that is targeting our country’s
territory, and to permanently destroy the burden of millions of refugees. Before we
removed our Idlib martyrs’ funerals, we gave the regime the heaviest casualties in its
history and said Bismillah. 35 tanks, 22 armored vehicles, 45 cannons, 44 rocket launchers
with multiple barrels, 5 air defense ramps, 12 anti-tank systems, 4 mortars, 29 anti-aircraft
vehicles mounted on the pickup, 2 UAVs, 8 helicopters, 49 different vehicles, 7 ammunition
ramps, 24 armored vehicles, 9 ammunition depot buildings , 2 aircraft, 2 rocket launchers
and two thousand 557 regime soldiers and militias were neutralized. We are just beginning to
show our true strength to those who do not shed our blood, not hurt our sensitivity,
as weakness or shyness. So far, the regime’s loss of people and equipment is only the beginning.
Brothers and sisters, we are really sorry that things have come this far. This is because
those who challenge us by considering the shadow of the forces behind them as their
own shadow. It is our duty to destroy the people who killed our soldiers, each of whom
is part of our lives. The fact that those who have not learned from the events still
threatened to attack our observation points shows that they have no mind. Dear brothers
and sisters, it is not Iran, Russia or any other country that has 3.7 million refugees
in its territory and more than 1 million people on its borders. We have been committed to
carrying this burden on our own for 9 years. The embellished words that the West says only
with the fear of immigrants find no concrete answers in real life. What do you say to us?
Don’t open the doors. So what did I say to you months ago? If you don’t share with us,
we will open these doors. But they thought we were joking, but now when the doors open
we get a call over a call. They say close the doors now. We say no! It’s done now, it’s
done. Now the West will be accountable. Where? To the World High Commissioner for Refugees.
Dear brothers and sisters, we have been calling for the creation of safe zones in Syria and
the settlement of people fleeing the regime for many years. No European country has specifically
supported or supported this call.