Sometimes, there are just shy, lonely people who don’t know HOW to make friends. How can you NOT know how to make a friend? Sometimes it seems like people work harder NOT to be friends or teammates than the other way around! You mean like people who start wars? Mm-hmm! “Dear Wally…” “I have a lot of trouble finding and making friends.” I think I know a story that might just work out perfectly! Maryanne was a quiet girl who had plenty of friends but she also had a BIG problem! Patsy! Patsy didn’t have any friends! She seemed to go out of her way to make enemies INSTEAD of friends! HEY! Those are some pretty nice shoes you’re wearing. But I THINK they’re about to get a little FLAT! Ow, Patsy! Stop it! Why are you always picking on me?! Aw, is the little baby going to cry and run home to mommy? I HATE going to school, mom! OH, it’s Patsy again, isn’t it? You can’t say anything, mom, you can’t! It’ll only make her MADDER and MEANER! I think I’ve got the perfect plan… Why, hello, Patsy! I was hoping we’d run into you today. And for the first time, Maryanne noticed how old and ragged Patsy’s clothes were. “I wouldn’t be caught DEAD in those clothes!” Maryanne thought to herself. Maryanne doesn’t have any brothers or sisters. She REALLY needs a special friend. Ok… Oh, thank you! Poor Maryanne was practically in shock! Here she was walking to school with the same girl who had been bullying her. She was almost too scared to even look at her! But when she finally did, you know what she saw? Maryanne noticed how old and ragged Patsy’s clothes were. Pretty sneaky, that mom, huh? Have you guys come up with any suggestions for Robin on how to make friends? Soup?